Newsletter March 2013 Newsletter March 2013 Hello and welcome to another edition of the newsletter. Hope everyone had a good break and are getting back into the groove. As its been a few months since our last edition there are a few things to get you up to speed. And there is plenty happening in […]

Miniriders Christmas Newsletter December 2012

  Miniriders Christmas Newsletter December 2012 Hello everyone and welcome to the last installment of the year. It has been a few roosts between updates but there’s no better time to finish off the year with a good wrap up of all things MINI! So as the year draws to a close, Miniriders has seen […] News August 2012

Welcome to the second edition of the miniriders newsletter! Since our last installment we have had a massive amount of news and change happening and its been a good month for all miniriders across the country. Vcm Fast 50’s round 2/3 Update Following on from the cancellation of round 2 at Wonthaggi, round 3 of […] News June 2012

MINIRIDERS NEWS Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of Miniriders news for 2012. This blog will be used more frequently to update everyone on the current news and information happening in and around the Miniriders forum. A NEW BEGINNING First of all as most may have heard, Miniriders has changed hands and is […]

$999 PitPro 140cc LE with Adjustable Front and Rear Suspension

Hey MiniRiders! Back by popular demand – The PitPro 140cc Limited Edition! The bike is basically the same as our standard 140cc, with the following additions: Limited Edition Custom “Ringmaster Images” Player designed graphics kit – One container only. Adjustable USD front forks. DNM adjustable rear shock. Twin muffler exhaust system. Black components and Gold […]

WTF is quench, and why should you care?

Well, quench is simply the near-contact of the piston to the head at TDC. .75mm is about ideal as a compromise. More is not effective and less is risking parts contact. Race engines can run tighter, if WELL maintained, and piston to wall clearance is snug. The importance is great, however, for several reasons. As […]

Motovert 4 Auctions, 1 Night!

Motovert – End of Financial Year Sale (4 Auctions, 1 Night!) Motoverts have been selling on eBay for incredible prices. As the end of financial year is fast approaching, on Sunday 26th June, Motovert Australia has four great models selling at no reserve auctions. This is a great opportunity to buy a quality bike at […]

End Of Financial Year Sale

Hey Guys, DHZ are having an end of financial year sale, there is savings of upto 45%. You can see the flyer (click it to make it larger) and to order all you need to do is head to DHZ’s website, by clicking the link below the flyer: Head To DHZ’s website:

Saving money by picking the right engine, first

This is the first of many blogs kindly contributed by our resident tech guru Terry. Enjoy. Hello, mates! And Mate-ettes? First off, thanks to all of you who’ve encouraged me to hang around the site. You’re an awesome lot, and heaps of fun. Putting up with my “tell-it-like-it-is” nature is some thing I’m quite appreciative […]

MiniMotoSX 2011 In Las Vegas + Big Thankyou!

Hey MiniRiders, Wow, what an amazing event MiniMotoSX 2011 was. So much footage, so many great stories and so much support for our Aussie riders. A big congratulations goes out to Boxy who WON the +35 Vet class and to Reefy who came in second in that class. Boxy also took home 3rd in the […]