howdy all...

my mate bought a crf with ADR years ago, and at some point, it decided to stop running and has sat in a shed since then.

he has just moved so now its living in my shed and of course, i have the task of finding out whats wrong with it.

extensive tests has led me to conclude that its the cdi/ICM thats the problem (and probably the coil). basically ive plugged my oscilloscope in and while i have power from the alternator and trigger coils, i am not getting any output from the damn CDI unit. yep, killswitch and wiring is good (except the ADR bit, thats just hideous...)

now, this is the tough ask...

im sort of hoping theres someone from sydney on here (preferably the north side) that also owns a CRF450, that runs(or has spark at least?) i can borrow the ICM and make sure that it is the problem!

yep, borrow. just for a minute or two!

because even a 2nd hand one is bloody expensive!

dont mind buying one if it works, but not so happy if it ends up being something else again...

pm me if you can help