Hey guys how are ya. Just thought i would chuck up a post to see what every ones thoughts/experiences are on the two bikes i am looking at. Any help would be much appreciated.

So i currently have the 2012 Motovert Type r 160ho, and i now want to buy another bike with the daytona 190 in it instead of just putting the engine into the vert. So the two i am looking at are

2016 DHZ Outlaw with a 190cc
2017 YCF Factory sp3 190cc

Now i know there is a big price different in the two and that does not worry me. The ycf i really like as it has high quality parts/suspention and feels real nice, well built, 2 exhausts, 1 race and 1 quiet. but has no rear linkage. Now i have never ridden a bike with no rear linkage.

And the dhz has the rear linkage but without the top of line suspention/parts and exhausts like the ycf does. love the look of them with crf plastics, but i have never owned one and not much info about them so not sure how good they are?

As i said its about $1500 price difference between the two and that does not worry me to much as long as i buy the right bike. I will mainly be using it at frankston mx track and on private property/bush trail riding.

Appreciate any help or info on the two bikes and would love to hear what peoples thoughts are on linkage or no linkage. Thanks