Hi All,

First time poster, long time lerker haha.

I don't want this to be a "what should i buy" thread but i'm having an issue so please hear me out.

I am looking for a big wheel bike, i have narrowed my search down to DHZ & Thumpstar, most specifically Thumpstar TSX 140 & DHZ Outlaw 150L. I don't race, jump or any of that, its mainly just for the bush and camping etc for a bit of fun, i will rec reg whatever i buy though.

Thumpstar: Thumpstar - TSX 140cc BW – Australia Bikes | Thumpstar

DHZ: DHZ OUTLAW150L - 17" Front / 14" Rear Wheel | Pit Bike |Dirt Bike

To put my questions into dot points...

- The Thumpstar comes with a YX140 & the DHZ says it comes with a GPX 150...is this
a YX, Lifan or something else & how does it stack up against a YX?

- Is there a difference in quality between the Thumpstar & DHZ?

- If you had the choice between the 2 bikes, which would you choose?

As i said i'm leaning more towards the Thumpstar, the company has been around a reasonable amount of time, i just like the look of the bike better, from what i have researched though, they didn't bring bikes into Australia for a few years which makes me wonder why.

I'm coming from Jap bikes but really didn't appreciate the price of parts & how ridiculous the price tag is to actually buy a bike made this century.