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    Skyteam Skymax 49cc/125cc (Honda Dax CT70 Clone) Long term review

    Bike/moped/scooter is a 2016 Skyteam Skymax 49cc

    Owned the bike for 9 months now, so I think I'v just about found all its issues now.

    Fuel capacity 5.5 Litres, same as a grom.
    Max speed : 49cc 55kph , yx140 120kph, Daytona 190 ???
    Weight : 74kg
    Bike Size : Same size as a grom but 10" wheels

    Who this bike is for: Anyone who wants a fun run around and doesn't want a scooter and wants more power than a grom. Must be mechanically minded, this thing WILL KILL YOU if you aren't.

    Ergonomics: I'm 6ft and it's genuinely a really comfortable riding position. Not cramped at all.

    Came with a 49cc fully auto motor which had no gear selection or clutch lever. This motor was horrible, had no power at all. I couldn't even make it up the slight hill to get home after the first ride.

    Bikes only come with 6month warranty. Not enough unless you can get them to replace the whole bike at 6months or get your money back.

    Motor swaps: In SA it's as easy as filling out a form changing engine number and capacity and away you go, no inspections or fees.
    Swapped with a Daytona 190 Anima V2, bolted in easy with no modifications. This broke straight away.
    Then swapped to a zongshen 140cc which was reliable but sluggish, then lifan 140cc which had good low down lugging power but nothing at the top end. The Lifan was the second worst motor because it vibrated so bloody much. Current motor is a YX140 with 18/30 gearing which lifted the front wheel in 2nd and did 120kph on flat ground, it's lasted 4000kms til crankcase/gearbox failure. Zongshen, lifan and YX140 all bolted in just needing spacers for engine mount and some grinding away of the clutch cover.
    Z155, YX160 motors wont fit without cutting off the brace on the front of the frame.

    Bike itself, handles really well, tight hilly roads are a blast, seems to cope with hopping speed bumps well.
    You might think such a small bike with tiny wheels would feel unstable but it isn't, it feels totally stable sitting at 100kph.
    Suspension is a little stiff at first but wears in to be pretty comfortable and front never bottoms out like a grom.
    Controls are ok and have been fine, indicator switch is a little dodgy to signal right.
    Stock electrics were ok, no issues.

    Build quality:
    Frame seemed slightly off from new, rear shock mounting tube that runs through the frame wasn't welded on straight aswell...
    Front fender welds started breaking off after 3000kms.
    Front disc brake with braided lines worked excellent for a couple of days then disc warped, replacement also warped straight away.
    Fuel tank mount welds started leaking fuel on two tanks, third seems to be ok.
    Stock exhaust mount broke off leaving a big hole, possible due to the vibration from Lifan motor.
    Right shock mounting nut was stripped by someone at factory and left on, fell off while I was riding.
    Headstem nut came loose on first test ride (Loosen and re-tension everything...)
    Speedometer only goes up to 70kph on 49cc and was totally inaccurate.

    I think that covers it. This bike is ridiculously good fun but has the worst build quality of anything Iv seen. Seriously these shouldn't be allowed on the road. Hopefully I can get a trade in at a dealer one day and they can deal with it haha

    Price: $1450 for 49cc. $2500 for 125cc. Which is far too much money, $750 less than a grom but 500 more than a CB125.

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