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    It's not a massive move just a small shove, probably not even enough to really move the wheels. 100% sure it was in neutral.

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    Ok so is there any way I can take out the electric start and battery but still run lights etc? Kick starting is fine. The electric **** itself and is just making a clicking noise when I press it now.

    Also the black bit of plastic that sits between the carby and the manifold seems to be too small for the oko carb (carb is about 5mm bigger around the sides but the bolts still match up) can I get another one of these easily or is there something else I can do?

    Uploading a few pics this arvo.
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    Take the plastic bit off, you don't need it with the rubber Oko adapter

    You might be able to fix the electric start fairly easily,
    Try bridging a piece of wire from the + battery terminal to the power in terminal on the starter motor, see if it turn's over then.
    If it does it mean's your starter motor relay have failed
    they are about $13 inc delivery off ebay
    Relay Starter Solenoid 50cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 250cc 300cc ATV Quad Dirt Bike PIT | eBay

    There a few thing's you could do
    1 Just leave the starter there and don't use it.
    2 Leave the starter there and don't use it, and replace the battery with a capacitor.
    3 You can take the starter motor off but it'll leave a hole there,
    i guess you could make up a metal plate to bolt's back over the hole and seal it up so water doesn't get into your stator etc.
    4 Other thing you could do is to convert it to kick start only, it will cost you under $100 to do though.
    You'd need another stator and flywheel and stator cover.
    Then remove your stator/side cover, take the flywheel off, then take the starter motor mounting plate off.
    This will leave a smaller slot in the engine case where the starter mount plate sat, you could fill that in with a small plate and silicon it up.
    Then you can just bolt the kick start only stator onto the engine, fit the new flywheel and stator/side cover.
    Sound's a bit more involved than what it is.

    You could replace the battery with one of these capacitor's, the light's will work only when the bike is running
    Siemens Aluminum Electrolytic Screw Capacitor Sikorel 105 LL B41550 22000uF 63V | eBay

    Starter motor mounting plate

    If you replace the stator, get one of these stator and flywheel's, it'll help the engine rev a little quicker too.
    Magneto Stator Plate Flywheel Roller YX 150cc 160cc PIT PRO Trail Dirt Bike | eBay
    Does your voltage regulator look like this one ?
    12V 5 Wire Voltage Rectifier Regulator 150cc 250cc PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy | eBay
    If not you may need to replace that too.
    Stator cover-
    Sprocket Cover Lifan Stator Magneto Engine Side Case 110 125 140 150cc PIT Bike | eBay

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