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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlts View Post
    Heres a link that I found pretty helpful. it explains why you need to get it to TDC and also a bit about decompression units.

    2 Wheels • View topic - How to find TDC using a kickstart?

    In summary what Ive learnt is:

    1.To kick-start a bike properly you must first find TDC.
    2.Slowly kick over the bike to find TDC, it's when the kickstart gets the hardest to push.... simple enough so far
    3.At this point you must slowly push down and get the kicker to one click past TDC.
    4. The kicker can then be released and you can start the bike with one kick.
    5. If it doesnt start proerly the first time... repeat the process as many times as neccessary.

    also use the choke when the engine is cold

    anyone feel free to add to or correct what Ive said

    that is the proper way to do it

    but to be honest i never could be bothered to find it, im not telling you to just kick your bike without thought cos i dont want to be held responsible but i personally have never busted kick start gears i think it really depends how you kick it i think if you give it a hard enough boot and take up the slack in the kicker before you kick it should be fine..... but dont come crying to me if you break kicker gears or something cos you read this and thought it would be a good idea if you dont feel 100% comfortable just kicking it follow the TDC process.....

    i think just talking outta my ass now
    NSW Miniriders Crew

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    Yer I'm with what pbk said . Just dont go crazy and kick the **** out of it and u will be fine.

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    Nar when i got my bike it kicked back like a b***h and you had to start from tdc or else my foot would be thrown to the other side of the shed and my shin in three places. Trust me Carlts' post will help nembies like myself when i first got my bike. The were no written instructions on how to get to tdc and i just had to sorta geuss what was happening in the ooracing video. So id think i was there kick as hard as could and... ouch!

    What also helped me to practice was to remove the flywheel and and see if you were getting it to tdc and if you werent watch the flywheel and kick to see what it feels like when you get there

    Hope this helps, mitch

    P.s and to all the idiots on here like myself dont try to start a kickbacking bike in thongs. Trust me... it hurts

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitch_cats View Post

    P.s and to all the idiots on here like myself dont try to start a kickbacking bike in thongs. Trust me... it hurts
    Ahah I have learnt that lesson to

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