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  1. fiffty_boytim
  2. MotoXking_101
  3. Andrew James
    Andrew James
    Painting alloy wheels
  4. LadyDianeBibay
    I love Motorcycles!!!
  5. Bikerdusty
    Bikerdusty my67xr
    also seen that you lifted the front via fork mod that i could not find. Ive got in mind a fork extender similar to the jr50. Would you be kind to a stranger and share what it is you did to the fork. No offence taken if not. I will be following future threads as i like your engineering. Ps , im a boily. Thx, Dusty
  6. Bikerdusty
    Bikerdusty my67xr
    Hi my67xr. I am Dusty. I have been searching high and low . I have a 2018 jr80 that i would like to lift. I had sort of figured out how to lift the rear via the linkage, then i found your thread which confirmed what i thought.
  7. Chelsnluke
    Chelsnluke WILL_S
    Hello master Turd polisher :) i would like to know if you ever got the 170cc Postie going using the stock bottom end ???
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  9. shahidullah
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  10. Hamirul
    Hamirul Chops
    Hi Chops ! .. nice to know you :)

    my name Hamirul from Malaysia ..

    And really love your work on modified madass .. well done !

    just want to what kind of tank you use?
    and does the tank function as fuel tank?

    actually, maybe I want to be used as a center box.
    do you have any suggestion, mind to share chops ..

    hopefully, this message read and replay as soon as possible
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  12. jan1973
    Hi I have a Honda 70 trike with a lifan 125 motor and I'm looking for a wiring conversion diagram if any one could help please :)
  13. xalatuvo
    xalatuvo SwapperMX
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  17. xalatuvo
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