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  1. Susan Kwack
    Susan Kwack
    Selling SSR 125cc Bike Frame for 400$
  2. Mad-Duk-Man
    Mini-Bikes is where it all started......
  3. SammyNiz-Nac
    no milk today
  4. RH720
    Ct90 modified
  5. Steve / Bergo
    Steve / Bergo Angie
    Hello, I'm new to the site and hope to get the rite info.
    I've been given a Ducar 125cc dirt bike for my son, we just can't figure out the correct fuel mix, the previous owner told me 4stroke fuel, tried that but it won't start. I'm thinking 2stroke mix but at what ratio would it run the best?
    Hope someone can help, cheers
    1. Angie
      I don't know but if you will post this out in open forum for all the members and lookers to see you will probably get an answer.
      Jul 4, 2019
  6. vermontagedcare
  7. 3d team
    3d team
    We provide high quality realistic 3D rendering for Builders, Developers, Architects, Interior designers and Planners
  8. starswimschools
    Learn to Swim Kids Programs
  9. XXX-747
    XXX-747 xLOCOx
    Hey bro it's jazz from YouTube
    Figured you no best I'm looking to do a 4 valve yx motor for my 110 can you get the 4 valve head for yx150 or does it have to be 160? And if not does the bbk for the 150 that takes it to 170 compare to 160/184 kit
    Or would just a 4 valve head on a 160 be better than 170 kit on 150
  10. harneybrayden
    Digital Marketing Melbourne
  11. RDN50S
  12. fiffty_boytim
  13. MotoXking_101
  14. Andrew James
    Andrew James
    Painting alloy wheels
  15. LadyDianeBibay
    I love Motorcycles!!!
  16. Bikerdusty
    Bikerdusty my67xr
    also seen that you lifted the front via fork mod that i could not find. Ive got in mind a fork extender similar to the jr50. Would you be kind to a stranger and share what it is you did to the fork. No offence taken if not. I will be following future threads as i like your engineering. Ps , im a boily. Thx, Dusty
  17. Bikerdusty
    Bikerdusty my67xr
    Hi my67xr. I am Dusty. I have been searching high and low . I have a 2018 jr80 that i would like to lift. I had sort of figured out how to lift the rear via the linkage, then i found your thread which confirmed what i thought.
  18. Chelsnluke
    Chelsnluke WILL_S
    Hello master Turd polisher :) i would like to know if you ever got the 170cc Postie going using the stock bottom end ???
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    Family lawyers Sydney
  20. shahidullah
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