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  1. AntNZ

    155z engine spluttering

    did you replace the cylinder wit a new one?, if not your old cylinder needs to be honed before you can put new rings in and get them to seat properly.
  2. AntNZ

    155z engine spluttering

    did you clock the rings properly, put the rings on in the right order?
  3. AntNZ

    Pwk 28 tuning for zs 155???? Need help!!!

    yeah, too big for stock engine, i'd get an oko26 flatslide and put 38pilot and 102main in and should be good starting point
  4. AntNZ

    daytona 190 valve clearance

    the zs is only a 2 valve so the piston in that kit wont work with a 4 valve head
  5. AntNZ

    Buckled rim or perhaps tyre?

    is the tyre seated on the bead properly, the spokes on your new rim will come loose quickly as the nipples seat with riding so will need to be checked and tightend frequently until settled, when tightening do every 4th spoke and work your way round to avoid buckling the rim.
  6. AntNZ

    Buckled rim or perhaps tyre?

    have you got a photo, an unseated rimlock won't make your rim look buckled, if it looks buckled it is, you need to get the rim trued and spokes tightened correctly...
  7. AntNZ

    48mm top fork triple clamp

    ycf or braaap should have a top triple clamp 48mm
  8. AntNZ

    48mm top fork triple clamp

    are they ENGI forks, what bike?
  9. AntNZ

    Anyone still into pit bikes/minis

    the pitty scene has died off downunder but is making a huge comeback in US and always been big in europe, there are still a lot of manufacturers of them but most are higher end brands.....pitster pro, thumpstar, YCF, bucci, tcb etc etc These pitbike forums is what has died, facebook killed them...
  10. AntNZ

    Lifan 125cc engine leaking oil

    looks like its coming from the seal around the gear shaft, drain oil and try to get the seal out.
  11. AntNZ

    Zongshen 190cc, anyone upgraded to 212cc?

    I doubt they make a different engine for Europe, like I said visit zs190 swap shop, those boys been hammering their zs190’s with great results even with the 212 kit and Daytona 4v head. The zs190 is Daytona made, identical to the new 5 speed Daytona except the head.
  12. AntNZ

    Zongshen 190cc, anyone upgraded to 212cc?

    interesting...., never heard of the zs190 snapping cranks, they have shift star issues and snap starter chains, only issues ive ever heard about. Check out ZS190 swap shop on facebook, that group has all the info you will need on the zs190 engine.
  13. AntNZ

    10W60 for pitbike

    Use 10w-40 like all pitbike engines, mineral oil is best, never use fully synthetic oil as its no good for clutch plates. You can use part synthetic but make sure it motorcycle specific oil as it will have additives to make it suitable for wet clutches...
  14. AntNZ

    Best 420 chain for 155cc?

    $20 sounds cheap for that chain...?, you sure its genuine DID 420NZ3 chain??
  15. AntNZ

    Best 420 chain for 155cc?

    I use the DID420nz3 chain on all mine including the DT190 without issue, the china chain "WILL" snap eventually and likely destroy your stator and cases