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  • yeh mate goes awsome hey! i havent really done anything stupidly huge on it because i only have the stock frame and stock peg mount so yea but jumping things like trails which have a steep landing is good its just like riding a bmx with an engine! ive got the pro taper bar kit, fox float (seroeusly if you buy a shock make it this one, best one ever) and bigger footpegs and other stuff but couldnt be stuff saying haha. its a good investment man defs! better then most chinese crap! but if you buy one you gotta be prepared to spend a fair bit if you want to fmx it, have a good one mate
    ey mate...hows the crf handle for fmx? and wat mods have u done to ur bike? it looks sweet and im thinkin of doin somethin similar coz i want a crf for fmx
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