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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    Alright. Bike sat under the house for a while, in need of a bit of a freshen up. Things I will be ordering are: * Plastics * Spoke Covers (Blue) * Grips (Blue) * Levers (ASV copies, also in blue) * Fuel Tank (if i cant get my current one plastic welded, bikr fell over and now the tank has a...
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    Introduce yourself :)

    Hey guys, back again. had some issues with being able to ride my bikes, but thats all sorted now :) ready to get riding again, about to finally do some much needed mods to my 250, cant wait to get riding haha
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    New 2015 DHZ 160cc, LXR Spec

    Looks sweet! Is there a parts list round ?
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    Pitsterpro X3R

    check the 426 out first, what kind of riding you going to be doing ? but keep the mini. :p
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    Snap's Lxr build.

    Haha atleast tilt it up a bit :p
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    Not too sure what I'm up to next week, or what I'm going to do with the bike. I just went on a ride for about 10 minutes, but had to come back because every time I hit a bump, the linkage made so much noise. I put it up on a stand and it was as if the whole linkage had just decided to run...
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    Snap's Lxr build.

    Cant wait to see what you do you with it !
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    OKO, 1/8 turn, unifilter, TB cdi, takagawa coil

    Ya, me too im interested in the hour meters
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    Hmm yea, I'll do a bit more research, check out some wreckers, see if they have any bikes, etc. I'll put up a pic of the linkage tomorrow sometime. Did you just use normal steel washers as shims/spacers?
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    ok, so this is the exact same linkage my bike uses, the only difference being that my linkage arms are made of steel and are thinner. the linkage "Triangle" is exactly the same, I'll most likely get alinkage and shock. 2000 Kawasaki KLX300 Shock Link Linkage | eBay
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    Hmm, I'll get pic ASAP, iirc my bike is about 116 KG dry, 124 wet. So should be just right with the shock? So putting the DRZ/KLX shock in, did it lessen the rattle of the rear linkage?
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    hey man, I'd love the dimensions, that would be awesome! Taking it on a ride today, I noticed the rear end was pretty noisy, and not absorbing any shock at all, gives you a sore back after about an hour of riding. So a definite upgrade is coming. You had to bend your exhaust a bit when you fit...
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    Random Radness... post here

    Lol, well its there now
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    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    Ok well after a break from the bikes, i finally got her running again, albeit a little rough. I have to check the valve clearences, very audible tapping noise coming from the head. it currently need a new rear tube, so I'll grab one tomorrow, as well as a #38 and #40 pilot jet. going to be...