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    What I do at Work

    had a few $$ earners over my work time.. Latest has me doing Pre delivery inspections on new cars, fitting accessories etc last job was working for an American car importer..conversions and assembly work, also did some sales and spare parts work as well as administration.. seen some sweet...
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    need EVERYONE to watch this.

    I personally wear Grin Factors.. got a pair of draggins.. but prefer the Grin Factors, simply for the fact the have almost tripple the kevlar and a better weave IMO. not to mention were half the price of the draggins.. have a better fit and have Hoodies in their range... (better than the...
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    need EVERYONE to watch this.

    Its just over 3. minutes in length.. but please watch till the end.
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    Road bikes, what do you ride!?

    removed some of the tape from the lower of the headlight to take advantage of the 'mouth' really liking the double bubble and the redirected wind!! thought id 'personalize' with some bolt ons and stick ons... the blind spot stick on mirrors have proven useful.. still nothing on a headcheck...
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    Show us your car

    you know we got a car thread right!? whats the point of this one!? :/ and fwiw.. you show me yours.. Ill show you mine is generally the way things work... Even deep in the heart of texas...
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    Motorised Pushbike

    hahahahha nothing wrong with a lil sp33d ;)
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    Motorised Pushbike

    We used to sell those at a bike shop I worked at many moons ago.. was a couple of versions available,one just on the wattage limit.. and one a bit over. Was laced to the front wheel though.. done wicked skids taking off at lights in the wet LOL wouldnt want to go into a corner HOT but...
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    Motorised Pushbike

    we had this dude roll up at work the other day... Kinda makes me want to strap one onto the Ratfink!
  9. foolsp33d

    My Bobbed out CT110

    A set of flat bars, some white walls.. and Id call it done dude! Very damn cool!! Reaks of awesomeness!!
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    "Plastic Weld" vs Plastic welding?

    Skrew the plastics and street fighter it ;) otherwise, fibreglassing SHOULD be suffice to fix.. Is how Im planning on doing the ZZ-r fairing..
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    look at the EX250 range.. twin cylinder, 6 speed trans. LOVE to rev.. would be ALOT of fun in a goKart!
  12. foolsp33d

    They've out done themselves this time :p Holy crap bike batman!
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    Jail Broken Devices.

    bloody Iphails... On an Android note.. not a 'note' as such.. but the galaxy S2.. they released Jellybean update available over Wifi/data download/update yesterday.. WOO HOO! :D
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    Buying Bike Checklist: Please contribute

    How about making sure its a clean title.. Not stolen or written off.. is a good place to start for dirtbikes... I had the ZZR in for RWC and discs were undersize and front brake light switch was inoperable... quoted over $600 to replace the brakes... went...