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  1. Killpatrickyum

    The Cougar is Dead......

    ^ only to return when you actually get married hehe ^^^^ congrats bro
  2. Killpatrickyum

    Frankston today?

    Just a heads up , Frankston track is closed un till further notice due to a horrible accident which led to a death last weekend. Thoughts go out to the family and friends of the young rider taken too soon.
  3. Killpatrickyum

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown RD 2 - 11/4

    Have fun brothers , Im sure you will all have a blast, safe travels ;)
  4. Killpatrickyum

    FOTM Jan 2015 Sign on page

    Peck for the win !!! and just to add my china won 50 of the year a couple years back but my money pit builds got no love lol
  5. Killpatrickyum

    Fifty of the Year 2014

    well done homeslice
  6. Killpatrickyum

    Roys CRF MOd

    bikes finally running good with the stupid TB setup only took a year or two hehe, got myself a nice +3 SANO swinga now just need to get a fox float and she will sit nice in the rear then shes pretty much finished, shame I don't get to ride much anymore tho ;(
  7. Killpatrickyum

    Roy's BBR

    hey guy's, nah still in bits , not tme or spare cash to build it yet and would still need a nice taki setup to make it go hehe , one day ill get to ride it ;/ kids, work and life getting in the way of any riding latley
  8. Killpatrickyum

    So lve been told

    Bumped into his mum yesterday, They have started there own factory overseas with an investor on board to create there own bikes apparently and are setting up dealers worldwide, YCF pulled the pin on there deal to go direct and aim to sell there bikes themselves instead of through a dealership...
  9. Killpatrickyum

    Fifty of the Month: Sep/Oct 2014

    Good stuff bro, lot of time went into it , well deserved =)
  10. Killpatrickyum

    Stack / Crash pic's !

    PECKA FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Killpatrickyum

    VCM 2014 Series

    Congrats boys, hope to be out there for a few rounds next year
  12. Killpatrickyum

    Post Wh0re, 3 word story

    means your mumma
  13. Killpatrickyum

    Crf50 bits

    Sent u pics via SMS dude
  14. Killpatrickyum

    Crf50 bits

    Iv got bmx bars, Sano or Poo Taper