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    yx 160cc with oko 26mm flatslide

    Hey guys hoping to get some help here to yooo iv got a z160ho with a oko 26mm running.. a klx 110 60mm domed piston. Stock head. Was running stock jets In the carb middle needle height with 36/100. Ran even worse once I done a high comp piston in it sorta not worse but needed more fuel for...
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    160cc valve clearance

    hey riderssss just got a lil question for you all i have a pitsterpro z160 or 155z and am looking to find out the valve clearance for them the feeler gauges i have are in mm i tried doing 0.10 mm inlet and 0.15mm outlet and still got a little ticking noise coming the top end just wanna see if...
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    octane boosters

    hey everyone just wondering if anyone has used any octane boosters in there pitbikes/mini bikes and what they have thought about it?