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Motovert Pro

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  • hey motovert pro... in terms of servicing like plugs oil i can do myself..thats easy i wouldnt mind findingsomeone who can get my carby running right.. i have a good idle first gear is great aswell 2nd gear is great until i get about 3/4 throttle then it coughs and splutters then comes on fine for the rest of 2nd.. 3rd and 4th gears are also fine i think i might need to upsize the jet. i know how to do that also but not sure where to get a bigger jet from..
    hey mate sent you a pm yesterday bout the rims and tyres but the link got removed ???

    can you send me some pics of them to


    hey are you ridin an o8 or 09 motovert pro? im only the 08 with the 125 daytona, need someelse that might know some more about mods and aftermarket gear for these bikes
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