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    Apollo Orion AGB-30D 250cc

    rotn50 - Bang on the money, Coil plug on the bag was a little loose , Re crimped a new end. Bit better, Same Issue. Lost spark entirely after playing around, Pulled the magneto cover off and it was a mess in there. Smelt burnt, So replaced Magneto. Pulled the carby back apart, It was dirty...
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    Apollo Orion AGB-30D 250cc

    Hi All, Been searching over the forums for the last couple of days, So finally decided to join up and seek further advice. Brought myself a second hand Orion 250cc, Bike started fine, Unfortunately couldn't test ride it due to the location. Brought it home, Fired it up, Idled away, So took...
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    250cc Orion Missing in the top end

    Hi Mate, Sorry to dig up your old thread. Did you end up solving this problem? I have an AGB-30, Idles fine, But as soon as i hit the throttle, It starts firing black out the back end. The Spark plug also fouls and is wet. Just through your solution if you found one may of helped me.