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    Things to do and not to do!

    Or some cracked out white fellas
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    Braaap mx17 plastics

    Does anyone know what style plastics braaaps take ?
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    braaap 160 to 190 14/17 outfit

    Old thread but i just got my mx17
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    YX or Z155

    Go the z155. Mines been sweet and serviced after every ride. Goes really hard for a little motor
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    Braaap OWNERS

    No rimlocks yet but i should probably invest in some tbh shit might go sour at top speeds haha Ive ordered a whole bunch of stuff for my bike so im waiting for delivery so i might add that to the list
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Hmm strange .. i might need further research haha but as far as i can when i did my tappets and opened up my clutch cover (curious) it definitely has the daytona style clutches in them
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    Braaap OWNERS

    So mines still factory standard at 17/41T with 14”/17” tyre combo. Whats the difference between z155 and z160ho? As far as my research goes the z160ho is still a 155cc engine although tuned differently with an oil filter built in?
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Yeah its the z160ho and nothing yet!! In saying that its only clocked up about 10 hours with the valve adjusted already. Went for a speed test today and managed 95kph!
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Oh yeah i cant rate them enough! All i hear is bad things about them on here but im ks away from them and they always helped me out and making sure my bike is running even though im a HD mechanic by trade hahah
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Yeah except mines a z160ho so slightly different set up to the yx160 i think? Everything standard at the moment but i think braaap fits 22mm carb to eveything haha i got a spare 26mm mikuni from my quad so i might chuck that on. My yz250f is still fairly standard but its my pride and joy...
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Definitely goes damn hard for the size of the bike but obviously no where near my yz haha . Perth WA bro
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Yeah mate 160
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    Braaap OWNERS

    Newish to the pitbike scene but heres my little weapon.