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  • hi, i have a problem with the wiring on a 125cc ducar horizontal engine. the wiring is stuffed and i dont know how it goes. if you could help that would be great. (anyone) i can send you a picture of the wiring.
    please reply...
    hey mate
    im having troubles with me bike and got told to speak to you about it, i think its somewhere in cdi coil
    Hey, im selling my spare whole front end like shocks, triples, rim + tyre everything to matt, so then ill get a new tube and **** all that fitted and also have enough for new rear brake lever from that on get the rear brake to suit your one or watevs you said anyway will work it out, hopefully he comes over soon to pick it up...and go officer
    hey, did you have any trouble with the electric start on your bike? I've ridden at least 10 kms already and the battery hasn't charged itself
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