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  • Hi, ive got a 78 rm 50 that im going to sell. Ive been researching on the bike and cant find out what this bike is worth, from what im seeing, they are very rare. was wondering if you might know how much this bike might be worth, ive seen several people are restoring them. mine is in great shape, and runs great, would take little work to restore. wondering what its worth as is , and what its worth restored, tried to upload pictures but couldnt. Thanks for any help !!
    Hey mate , i got a motovert rx , currently has a lifan 150 with big bore exhaust , just after a bit more power... wondering if you could do me a package similar this this >>>> OORacing - performance monkey bike, pit bike, madass, zoomer, dirt bike components - Lifan 150 race head kit 19 bhp+ (Powered by CubeCart) <<<< , as it seems to be good i guess? . also thinking about a twin exhaust system
    It won't let me upload the pictures onto here for some reason, I can email you the pictures if you like. Just let me know.
    what's up Terry? Thought I'd come over and see what's going on over here. Looks good so far.
    hey terry do u know if a crf style yx150 uses the same engine mounts as a z155 cheers Mitchell
    Thanks for the support! Greatly appreciated. There was NO reason for him to drag up that proven-to-be-BS, again, other than to get me riled. Worked. Where I grew up, if some body slings mud at you, you bash 'em in the head with a brick. Too far to drive to do it in Gotta up my dosages, I guess, if I wanna hold my tongue, err typing fingers...

    FPM is on total lockdown over there (won't even let my wife or cousin/powder-coater post), while PissyPoo marches on. Too bad they haven't got the class of your AU PP dealer. That freaking con-man they hired is a decent wrench, but a pathological liar, and I know the sumbich is posting under another name.
    Welcome mate ...that 10 day ban on pm was b@llshit ... but hey well worth it I reckon ... the pen is mightier than the sword and all that .... best post I've seen there mate ...gutsy.

    us Aussies are in ya corner .
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