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    nsf100 ?????

    Ummm, don't... But, if you're going to hack up a collector bike, see if you can find a GOOD fabricator. Maybe, BARF forum has a thread or two on similar swaps.
  2. The_GDFP

    TB 141cc Big bore kit

    T-Bag is merely selling other peoples parts. Find a decent engine builder that also sells parts. Yes, the 78mm tall cylinder 125 Lifan will take the 57mm Trail Bikes kit. Best $139 you can spend.
  3. The_GDFP

    pistons scut vs normal

    Krap, it is old... lol
  4. The_GDFP

    pistons scut vs normal

    Done right, S-cut works. Tak does it right. The plating holds shape much longer than other brands who tried it. Clearance is key. Tak piston is barely smaller than bore. Loose, they rock, so service is critical. YX needs to have the case opened a bit, so you may as well bore to 70mm and run the...
  5. The_GDFP

    takegawa 5 speed in a bigbore high hp engine?

    Takegawa TAF 5 Speed Transmission - Lifan Engines Even at $600, it's a lot of money. Besides, the torque curve will really not require the extra gears. T-Bag doesn't make a BV head, but Trail Bikes does make a V2 for the mid-block. I've put 28.5/24 valves and porting in a stocker and...
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    Lifan 124cc (1P52FMI) in pursuit of more power

    A couple points... Don't waste another dime on the Lifan. Even a Jailing 125 with a 146 kit and 27/23 head, will kill it. TB Parts makes the kits, heads, etc. The linked vendor, T-Bag USA is merely a parts peddler, who hires a car mechanic to assemble "his" engines for sale. There are other...
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    155z transmission problem's

    Yeah, they do that.
  8. The_GDFP

    lifan 150 conrods

    L150 rod is more than strong enough. 15mm pin limits piston choice and adds weight. I've added 3mm offset pin with 26/25/26 journals and swapped to lighter rod, bore stock jug for TB 57/13mm. 171cc. Or just use stock stroke, L120 rod, TB 57/14 slug. Nice with 28.5/24 SS valves and a Tak S20D cam.
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    gy6 head on a lifan 150cc?

  10. The_GDFP

    gy6 head on a lifan 150cc?

    I like Akunar, but it's a ported stock head, non-roller. Bore and stroke options are available from lots of sources. Just saying...
  11. The_GDFP

    gy6 head on a lifan 150cc?

    GY6 stud spacing is not the same as the Lifan. The new TB V2 head for Mid-blocks is available, and likely makes more power than the low-quality 4v even if it did fit.
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    wtb bottom cam chain gear.

    Right away? Haa. PayPal, terry@firepowerminis.com $17 priority $7 1st class
  13. The_GDFP

    wtb bottom cam chain gear.

    I have a few. Cover postage and you can have one. It has to be pulled off, heated to drop back on. No indexing, so you have to eyeball it.
  14. The_GDFP

    Daytona cdi

    The Daytona is completely different than the other China motors. It needs the big CDI like a Lifan 150. The Daytona CDI is expensive but has a few timing options.
  15. The_GDFP

    rev limiter

    OORacing has one. Kenny on the Planet spent $100 on the DRL300CDI plus a lighting stator, regulator and a few wires.