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    National Miniriders ride day

    that is a grouse idea, sounds like it could be interesting ;)
  2. V A New Beginning

    nice work boys. haven't been on here for a while but i'm glad i came on when i did. i'm loving the new options and designs that are being offered. can't wait to see whats to come. keep up the top work :D
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    Feedback on CRF50 Decal design

    they look tops mate, i actually really like them
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    Fifty of the Month April-May 2012

    mv24 got my vote, it came close but i can't pass a lxr160. got some good bikes in there boys, good luck. ;)
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    My atomik mid nitrous 160 - running finally!

    haha, we're having the exact same weather down here in melbourne. i'd much rather the rain over the heat as well. the bike looks sweet man, will be looking forward to see it once it's finished.
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    bike for a 5 year old

    hmmm, i would start him off on a pw50 or crf50 depending on the price in my opinion. crf50s are quite efficient as there's a lot of after market parts that are available once he starts getting bigger and nagging for more power. hehe pw50s don't have many after market parts at all really, but...
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    Bigger wheels on a Nitrous mid size

    because that would mean, he would have to sell the bike he has now for less then what he brought it for and then buy a new bike. also, some people just prefer the the crf70 style over the klx110 style. good luck with he transformation mate. viper
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    how do i know a medium sized fame when i see one?

    cheers man. oww so your 6 foot 2, a bigfoot may be a good go then. have you tried gumtree yet? normally you can find ok bikes on there, especially if you're looking at upgrading it.
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    how do i know a medium sized fame when i see one?

    crf70, klx110 and ttr/lxr are all built with midsize frames. the frame in the picture is what i would believe to be a ttr110 style frame (other members may correct me though) how much money you're willing to spend on a build or buy will sum it up. as with the 17" front and 14" rear bikes, i...
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    why is your account name what it is?

    i was 14 years old, in year 8. that pretty much explains it.
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    conspiracy theories list here

    mini submarines attacked pearl harbor before planes Mini Submarine | Pearl Harbor mini-submarine mystery solved? - Los Angeles Times 1 was captured and 3 were sunk before the attack the last one fired it's 2 torpedos into the USS arizona im sorry, im just really into all this stuff ;)
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    Fifty Of The Year - 2011

    carlts bike got my vote, such a clean looking build.
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    Ebay / Gumtree bargains !!!

    i was tempted......... Pit Trail dirt bike 125cc mini moto DHZ brand new never used | eBay
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    new bike

    the frame does not resemble an atomik, it resembles a dhz. take a closer look at the frames on both bikes.
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    new bike

    for 300 bucks you got an absolute steal mate. yeah, looks like a dhz to me to. congrats on the purchase.