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  1. Wildey

    Pocket bike X-7 fairings

    Want to buy x7 fairings if anyone knows where to find some!! Can’t find them anywhere!!
  2. Wildey

    Comment by 'Wildey' in album 'X7'

    Hey Goldgm do you know anywhere to get a fairing kit for these??
  3. Wildey

    Workshop manual on the Engi forks??

    Hey guys, I’m chasing a manual on the Engi forks on my YCF factory 190. I’ve serviced them twice now and still have excessive static sag to the point when I put the big girl back on the stand I literally have to push the forks back out to full stroke with my foot. The triples are sweet and...
  4. Wildey

    South Morang victoria

    South morang still running mini motard sessions?