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  1. Jms81

    Hey all, new from Australia

    Hey mate, nice looking bikes, nsw here.
  2. Jms81

    Post Wh0re, 3 word story

    Of a wife
  3. Jms81

    Post Wh0re, 3 word story

    A new life
  4. Jms81

    1P54FMI information needed

    It's only useless for those that are, you obviously don't know how to use the search function?? In regards to your great saying, I guess that's why you have no replies??? So don't get the shits with me for pointing you in the right direction. Literally you can learn anything on there, I have...
  5. Jms81

    1P54FMI information needed

    Bro it's 2023 not 1993, YouTube is your friend.
  6. Jms81

    Post Wh0re, 3 word story

    Resurrected from dead
  7. Jms81

    Braaap ss125 superlight

    I found this pic not sure if it helps or not it's a Lifan 125
  8. Jms81

    Braaap ss125 superlight

    That gold spacer you have on the intake that one of those ones where you can adjust the direction of it ? Are they any good? And why don't you just keep it kick start ?
  9. Jms81

    Hello from Detroit

    Dude I just read this whole thread hoping by the time I got to the end it was all finished and up and running...chop chop 😜..I want to know what it sounds like haha. 🙂
  10. Jms81

    Braaap ss125 superlight

    My postie experience is terrible, they are always late with my mail
  11. Jms81

    Braaap ss125 superlight

    Did you end up getting one ?
  12. Jms81

    Anyone live around morisset?

    Hi all ...I'm an old fart riding a big wheel pitbike..39 to be exact lol, wondering if anyone lives around morisset?? I moved here 4 weeks ago from the south coast .. Not sure if the older members are on here still as I did a search and didn't see anyone from here the last few years. Just got...
  13. Jms81

    Official Post pics of your bike Thread

    Well I sold the tdrpro 125 yesterday because a family friend was selling their bike to me cheap .. literally nothing wrong with it other than needing the chain adjusted. Now I know it's not the original revolution mx but it's pretty damn decent and a big wheel too .
  14. Jms81

    Official Post pics of your bike Thread

    My bike...old but I like it ..125cc 4 gears up.
  15. Jms81

    2017 razkull 125 not starting!!! need advice

    Have you checked and cleaned the spark plug?
  16. Jms81

    Help with parts for my 125cc pitbike

    It should either be 13mm or 16mm shaft opening
  17. Jms81

    Help with parts for my 125cc pitbike

    Hi mate I thought I'd reply as I'm also new here seems a bit slow in here I take it and not much help measure your old one and then go on ebay and type in pitbike kickstarter and plenty come up ...
  18. Jms81

    Penrite full synthetic ok in pitbike?

    Hi everyone 👋..Need to do an oil change on the pitbike I picked up a few days ago and autoone has a crap variety I picked up some penrite 4st full synthetic 10w-40...couldn't find any mineral oil at all..will it be ok to use? It has a high zinc count which should help correct ?
  19. Jms81

    My road registered 140cc Assassin / Shineray build

    From my experience with cars it's going to be difficult to get it registered as they have cracked down so hard these days compared to the days of old. Plus you will have to pass an emissions test also I think?? I could be wrong tho, hopefully I am
  20. Jms81

    Carb adjustment ??

    Hi everyone just need your expertise...what screw is the idle screw and what one is air/fuel mixture screw please? I'm assuming the one with the spring is idle ??