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    Hi I am Gabenzz

    Hi Gabin, Thanks for joining the forum. I don't have your answer in your tires, but one of the other members should be along shortly to help you. Also, have you tried the search function to see if the topic has been covered in the past, but the answer is not showing on a front page?
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    Post Wh0re, 3 word story

    free for adventuring
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    Welcome to he community!
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    Adventurous Ride?

    Show us or tell us about your most adventurous ride, please. And if you have some photos that would be even better. I would think this would make for a good ride. Along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.
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    How is everyone doing

    What is everyone up to? Any new projects? Rides? I'm doing this thread to check in with all of you. You can also use this thread to update everyone on how you're doing and what's keeping you busy.
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    My new Frankenstine Monster.

    Here you go, from @ToTo's post. Hope this helps.
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    Im back!

    Awesome pics! Those are cool bigger bikes you have there.
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    Has anyone Bought from him?

    Me too. And tell them where he got it. Hope you find that part this time. Just be careful.
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    Wrong Gas for a

    That's good news, Jason. I'm sure you can find a way to get rid of those leaks later. Keep the updates coming.
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    Wrong Gas for a

    Hey, what route did you take? Did you get this figured out?
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    Has anyone Bought from him?

    Oh man, so sorry to hear about it! Is Tom Spenser a forum member? If not, who recommended him?
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    Hello 2023

    I wish everyone a Happy New Year!🎷🥁
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    Hello. Im daniel

    Hey Daniel, hope you had the chance to read the succeeding post. Would be nice if you can give us some updates.
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    Anyone got any information on this motovert frame

    Welcome! Guys more knowledgeable will be along to answer your questions.
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    My new Frankenstine Monster.

    Oh, that's quite a distance. Hope it gets there soon. Happy Holidays!
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    My new Frankenstine Monster.

    That's good news. Hope you can get back with your project this time. You and Tom from the same area?
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    Im back!

    Hey, thanks for checking back in.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all 🎄🎄 and Happy New Year!
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    Hello. Im daniel

    So sorry for you not getting any help. I did some research and learned about false neutral incidents. I think when you left it idling, it wasn't really in the neutral position like what is described in the link below. Hope this helps if ever you decide to work on it again...
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    Hello. Im daniel

    Hey, did you get this figured out? Would be glad if you can give us updates.