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    ngk c7hsa equivalent with longer thread reach

    hi i had stripped the spark plug threads and installed a bushing . now the issue is that he spark plug is recessed .. the electrode is hardly protruding into the combustion chamber. though the bike is runnig but its not running optimal .. so is there any ngk non irridim or...
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    which way to install this piston

    hi i have a honda 70 clone .. its stock size is 88cc .. with stroke 49.5 and bore of 47.5mm .. i have replaced its cylinder with 107cc which has bore of 52.4mm .. i have found a piston that is 100 % like this one http://www.tkrj.co.jp/goods/m-AK0100X--1218.php but its dia is...
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    is this compression ration calculator correct ?

    hi i am in the process of modding my bike . in the process i want to do some thematically work to avoid practically repeating again and again .. so long and short i want to calculate the Compression ratio and found this calculator realy nice simple and understandable ... but can somone...
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    Timing Issue

    hi i have a 107cc bike .. i have issue with its timing.. the issue is that at TDC the T mark on flywheel doesnt matches with the notch in the crank case .. it always springs back a bit at TDC .. here is a pic which i took from this forum and added my points.. my current settings are...