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  1. FMX_22

    Josh's KLX110 Build

    Up dates ? Lol
  2. FMX_22

    Random Radness VIP section

    Aahahah ^^^^^
  3. FMX_22

    Crf50 buildarooni

    Yeahh dude that was me haha . Nahh didnt bend anything apart from the bar stop and my rear guard and side plate are stuffed but o well was all in good fun
  4. FMX_22

    Crf50 buildarooni

    Hey man go to a welding supply shop and buy plastic end caps for your frame (end of subframe) if you crash ya end up with 2 perfect holes in ypur rear guard like what happend to mine at brettos haha
  5. FMX_22

    Can my bike beat a Honda crf 80?

    Well race him?
  6. FMX_22

    Friday funnies.

  7. FMX_22

    KX125 Build!!

    Look amazing mate!!!
  8. FMX_22

    Longest jump on a midsized

    ^ thatd be cool
  9. FMX_22

    fort lytton rnd 4 pics

    Is it even worth riding there on a stocker?
  10. FMX_22 QLD Ride day at parklands 11/5/2013

    Man your quick on a fifty haha i rember seeing you passing guys on 250f s when i was there
  11. FMX_22

    Nominations for VIP's

    From what iv read he seems super helpful and full of knowlage !!
  12. FMX_22

    Thai built works wave 165 to 200cc

    Pics mate pics!!!!!
  13. FMX_22

    My Bobbed out CT110

    So cool man should modd the rear fender so you can move shock mounts and make it sit lower
  14. FMX_22

    Interesting china bikes

    Looks good but like 90% of china products it will be a pile of sh#t lol
  15. FMX_22

    TT-R90 build

    Haha cool i recon you could modd the guards to look like 250/450f plastics
  16. FMX_22

    TT-R90 build

    New plastics and grapics? :) a bash plate would be good that thing looks low
  17. FMX_22

    TT-R90 build

    Looks good hillz whats the plan for it?
  18. FMX_22

    My crf50 now..

    Good times we should do it again some night!!!
  19. FMX_22

    The Im Going To Thread

    Im going to get a new tyre ,tube and 5 spokes to fix last weekends efforts haah
  20. FMX_22

    Nominations for VIP's

    Uep she has my vote haha