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  1. roostyamates

    Braaap 140

    Hey just wondering what these bikes are like? Thinking of buying a braaap 140 2008 for $500 is that a good deal? What were braaaps like in 2008? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. roostyamates

    Braaap 150 not going

    So I picked up a braaap 150 that won't go, timing is right, valve clearance has been done, has compression, new carbi and has spark What's the next step? Pretty sure it's around 09. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. roostyamates

    can anyone ID this bike ?

    hey guys just wondering if anyone can idea this bike.. bloke selling it reckons its a 125 braaap.. the vin number is LJYYLJLX550600313 i have more pics if needed
  4. roostyamates

    Quality / power

    Would you rather a Poor quality bike with higher cc or a good quality bike with lower cc ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. roostyamates

    First pit bike build

    Hey guys thought I would share this little build with you So I'm picking up a 140 braaap frame with all stock braaap parts which is running a Lifan 125 motor that needs -chain -stator plate -clutch cable Not bad for $150 I don't think? And whatever else I find needs replacing along the way...
  6. roostyamates

    Terra Moto

    anyone on here know much about Terra Motos? Are they any good? have they discontinued making them, if so why ?
  7. roostyamates

    Anyone here into sliders?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is into sliding and what sort of set up you run ? I have a stock huffy slider looking into upgrading some bits on it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. roostyamates

    renthal bars

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me what the name of these renthal bars are as i cant find it and what they would pay for them second hand?
  9. roostyamates


    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me a valuation on this as im looking to sell it Its a tamiya super hornet with heaps of spares and spare another engine.
  10. roostyamates

    what air filter to use?

    hey guys just wondering what air filter would fit a 26mm MOLKT carby on a atomik nitrous yx160?.. as the outer layer of mine has torn in half
  11. roostyamates

    Air filter oil

    not sure if this is the right place to be asking but im sure some one can help.. is it necessary to buy air filter oil to re-oil the filter after washing? i have read people using just vegetable oil.. how safe is this? would 10w40 engine oil be okay ?
  12. roostyamates

    kick back

    My atomik nitrous 160 has really bad kick back... is there anything i can do to reduce this or do i just have to put up with it ?
  13. roostyamates

    Protective equipment - help

    hey just wondering what protective equipment most of you guys on here use? and what would you suggest buying? what are some good boots as i am getting some today.. i have gloves, helmet and goggles do i need anything else? im not planning on racing.
  14. roostyamates

    Pro taper bars

    hey guys just wondering if i would need to change anything on my bike (atomik nitrous 160) to fit pro taper xr50 bars?
  15. roostyamates

    when buying a used bike!

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips when it comes to buying a used bike ? Im on my way to look at a atomik nitrous 160
  16. roostyamates

    Atomik nitrous 160cc opinions

    hey just wondering if this is a good buy for $450 this 2011 atomik nitrous 160, has had very little use by the looks of it and think $450 is a reasonable price, im just looking for a bike to learn on and something that is pretty reliable..
  17. roostyamates

    Atomik nitrous 160cc

    I'm buying a 2011 all stock Atomik nitrous 160cc that hasnt done much riding what are the first upgrades i should do? thanks
  18. roostyamates

    hard to kick start

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me weather it would be wise to buy a 2011 atomik nitrous 160 thats hard to kick start, what does this tell you about the bike? is t easy to fix? thanks
  19. roostyamates

    need help choosing second hand bike

    sorry to be that person but could i ask for some help choosing a pit bike as i have little experience and dont want to get ripped off. here are my options http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/launceston-7250/motorcycles/2013-dhz-125/1057296779 for $700...
  20. roostyamates


    Hey guys just wondering if you can tell me what type of bike this exactly is?