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  1. Blender

    Fork bottom's loose?

    Hey guys, i was out riding yesterday, when I noticed my front wheel seemed kinda loose. o stopped to see if a bearing or axle was losse, but they were fine. Once i got it home, i realized that its the bottom of the forks that were loose. They are alloy, and screw onto steel forks, so I'm not...
  2. Blender

    WTB: OKO Idle screw

    WANTED:OKO Flatslide Idle screw, preferably with spring CONDITION:Best as possible, thread must be clean PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-10 LOCATION:2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: none CONTACT: PM or here
  3. Blender

    250 Engine mods.

    Hey guys, been very busy lately, and I have finally got some spare time back! Any way, I am thinking of getting some engine work done, but am pretty much clueless. I am thinking- Lightened flywheel, port and polish, and high comp piston (do they make them??) Now, the polishing I can do...
  4. Blender

    Suzuki RMX250 98 ?

    Just wondering what people's opinions on the RMX's are, specifically the 98 model, as I am thinking of getting one, they are cheap enough, and a 2T would be fun on the road ;)
  5. Blender

    Shimming China USD Forks?

    Hey, I want to put some shims in my Atomik fury's forks to up the rebound a bit. Just wondering how I am to go about this? I've done conventional forks before, but USD's are a completely different ball game. I've changed the oil to a lighter grade, etc and I just want them abit more reboundey...
  6. Blender

    Hitting the jumps on a mates kx :D

    hey guys, went to mates property on the weekend, he had a pretty nice track, decent jumps, so i decided to try my luck on the fury, which took them well, but i got a flat tyre, so i hopped on my mates kx125 and held on :D (btw, not sure if this is in the right spot, feel free to move this...
  7. Blender

    DHZ OKO Carb rubber adapter size/specs?

    hey people, as some of you may know, im looking for an oko 30mm carb. the only thing that has stopped me from getting it is im not sure if the rubber adapter that comes with the carb will fit my manifold. i was wondering if someone had the bore size, and bolt hole spacing of the rubber...
  8. Blender

    What helmet to buy?

    hi boys and girls! whilst riding today, i noticed my helemt had begun to fall apart around my head, so i decided to bite the bullet and get a new one. problem is i have no idea what is good and what is not. i wore my mates fox helmet, it was alot better than my "Kylin" ?? chinese one i am...
  9. Blender

    WTB: OKO 30mm, with or without air filter.

    WANTED: OKO 30MM carb CONDITION: in working condition PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-80 LOCATION: Goolmangar, 2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: can come with or without air filter. must be a flatside carb CONTACT: PM me :)
  10. Blender

    takin the fury out bush!

  11. Blender

    Yamaha YZ250F Shock Length

    Hey guys, im looking around for a few things for my fury, and the stock shock is not cutting it. so i thought perhaps a yz/wr or another jap brand shock could be used. only problem is i cant find the actual length of the shock. the firy's shock is 370mm long, if anyones got a yz/rm/wr/kx, could...
  12. Blender

    OKO 26MM Or 28MM

    hey guys, im going to get a new carb for me atomik fury (250cc aircooled) and i'm tossing between the OKO 26MM or the 28MM. i am doing mainly bush riding/track. what do you guys think would be best ? cheers, jack
  13. Blender

    2013 Atomik Fury 250cc Review/Build thread

    G'day all, I thought I would post up a review of my recently acquired Atomik fury. The bike cost around 1000 delivered through e-bay, and i tried to do the right thing by researching as much as i could about the bike beforehand, but there was just no information around at all. So it pretty much...
  14. Blender

    China USD fors oil change issues

    hello peoples im trying to undo the top cap of my forks to change the oil, and the top cap seems to be attached to the spring or something in the forks. i dont know anything about usd's , i have never pulled em apart. need some help!! lol, they are 735 mm too.
  15. Blender

    Atomik 125 wont start!

    hey fellas, was tryin to start me atomik this afternoon, and just could not get it fire! I am getting spark, i have just put a plitfire copy lead on, and its not the cdi, its got fuel, the carbs clean, valves as they should be, its got me genuinly stumped :?
  16. Blender

    Just bought an atomik fury 250cc

    Hey guys, just won my atomik fury, and will be doing a full review once i have it, and will take many pictures!! Will keep ya's posted :)
  17. Blender

    fork guards

    WANTED: A set of fork guards to fit 730mm forks CONDITION: as best u can do PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-15 LOCATION: Goolmangar, NSW 2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: any colours considered CONTACT: pm me on here :)
  18. Blender

    The holley 465 predicament...

    hello fellow minirider members, some of you may have seen the troubles about this carbuerettor i posted in the Im just doing thread, so instead of hijacking it some more, i decided to make 1. So heres the story. This carb has never run right. we bought it as a reco jobbie, done by Hume...
  19. Blender

    Photobucket problems?

    hey guys im just trying to upload a picture through photo bucket and the site had gone to the poo it seems. the layout has all changed, as if you were veiwing a website in compatability mode? my browser is windows explorer 9. it will not allow me to drag and drop photos/videos, nor will it allow...
  20. Blender

    WTB: 235-250mm rear shock

    WANTED: Dnm or fastaqce or some other brand name (decent) rear shock thats around 235-250 mm long CONDITION: as good as possible, near new would be best PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0-70 LOCATION:Goolmangar nsw, Or lismore (2480 EXTRA INFORMATION: would prefer something thats a decent...