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  1. mad man

    50cc licenceable bikes?

    hey there. Is there anything you can get to be able to ride on the road that isnt a scooter? licencable mini choppers? minibike that are 50cc's doesnt matter if its china, give me some links people!
  2. mad man

    Need help with motovert 125cc engine

    Hi. Geez. hahah. Ok so, im having troubles with my bike, it will fire but i can't get it to run. Last night i had it running for about 15 seconds but would just die. Now it only fires. What i've done Cleaned the carby Replace fuel line Replace fuel Fit new spark plug, it had a ngk...
  3. mad man

    what would it be!

    Hey What could be happening here. Bike will rev hard in gear but wont go hardly anywhere then will die because its not getting enough fuel?
  4. mad man

    Any one design me graphics?

    Can someone design me graphics please, CRF 50 style. Does anyone have the layout???? if so can you post it up! I wana do something scattered no logic, heres the myspace with pictures and logos, - SCATTERED NOLOGIC - 99 - Male - AU - cheers...
  5. mad man

    I got a Motovert expert.

    Hey guys long time no speak, just picked up a motovert expert, 2007 model. got it for one grand, it has around 10 hours on it. will post pics soon :P
  6. mad man

    are these new atomik midsize bikes of ebay any good

    hey how much are these selling for? are they decent? what else is avalibale the same iim feeling the fever.
  7. mad man

    Electric and fuel scooters??

    hey what up mini riders? I been looking on ebay and have seen those electric scooters they would be good to zoom around the streets on. Are they legal? some of them are only 250 watts so i assume they would be? What is a good type and what do you guys think of them? The petrol ones...
  8. mad man

    cr250 mini bike, sweeeeet

    Service Honda - Junior R thinks??
  9. mad man

    cya boys

    yeh cya guys good times on this site, i outa minis now and dont post much! cya round :P
  10. mad man

    orion for 250??

    hey i seen a cheap orion its for 250 bucks, the frame is cracked, if i try get it for 200 bucks do you think its worth geting? i don't know but i suspect its a 21 or a 27. peace!
  11. mad man

    How do I Stop My PowerPipe Rusting?

    hey. how do i stop rust from geting on my powerpipe on mi 2 stroke, i just put paint stripper on it (got painted) and im guna get it shiney again, i dont know what rust protection i can get....... i need it clear of cource wot do u guys use or know of? :confused: :confused: :confused...
  12. mad man

    how much is pister pro x4 and x4r?

    yep, how much is pister pro x4 and x4r and what are some specs and differences? cheers
  13. mad man

    the chat at da bottom

    hey, guys the chat at the botom, do you think it should be above the page before the forums?? i think it would be heeps better you never see it down there! Is that possable!?????????????????????????/ tty
  14. mad man

    alrite 110 on ebey eh...

    eBay Australia: NEW 2007 KDF 110cc ELEC START TPIT DIRT BIKE THUMPSTAR (item 130125582120, end time 26-Jun-07 21:31:08 AEST) not bad i don't think went for around 400 dollars
  15. mad man

    150cc bore kit..

    hey, seen on vert site they have 150cc bore kits :P gee that would fly... what else do you need for these kits? u think they fit on 05 thumpstar motors??? Mojo Motorcycles Australia
  16. mad man

    pit pro 125 rr faults?

    what are the faults you guys have come across? thanks ps. sorry if there is a thread i can't find it. I'm considering a PP125, is it hard to fit a 12 inch front wheel on it?? THanks
  17. mad man

    what do you think of these?

    sup players. do you think the bike would be okay for just mukn around on? it looks pretty sketchy but i could upgrade it was i go, wont be ridden very hard, what u blokes think? eBay Australia: 2007 LIFAN 125cc pit motor trail thumpstar dirt bike (item 110136248676, end time 10-Jun-07...
  18. mad man

    seen orion/atomik thing today!!? what one is it?

    ey guys. seen an atomik or orion 125cc i think. it has usd front forks what model was it? can u get me some pics? this kid was kaning the thing lol! thanks guys. ps what happened 2 sik-pj!?!!/
  19. mad man

    free pit bike. !!

    Cdnoult blviee taht I cluod aulacity uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.The phaonmeal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabridge Uinervtisy , it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit...
  20. mad man

    lets see some done up chinas

    YEAH! lets see some done up china bikes! either agb 29's or pit pros to any other bike get some pics rollin in, less chat more pictures!