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  1. mad man

    15w 40 gastrol good for pitpro 125cc

    Its Fine Mate
  2. mad man

    Money you have blown!

    push bike,(stolen) pocketrocket (over paid and broke) thumpstar pro rm125 bought 3200, sold 2400 hilux suf turbo diesel, paid 7500 and rolled it
  3. mad man

    Vavle clearence

    bout .10 intake .12-.15 exhaust, as long as there is a clearance it will be fine, if anyone dissagrees, private message me.......
  4. mad man

    mini dealers in perth

    hey mate. Wanaroo motorcycles sell motovert motorcycles. $3000-3300 for a very good bike. I have the 07 motovert expert, for sale how much were you looking at spending? i want $2000. Hit me up with a Private message i'm in West oz....
  5. mad man

    Miniriders' Catastrophe!

    Ripps of the letter keys D,I,C,K and plant them into hillz forehead, whips out the ipod cable and ties his hands up, pulls out the joystick from the bottom draw from back in 2000' when it was cool to play aeroplane games, runs outside into the alley, swings it around untill it catches the top...
  6. mad man

    50cc licenceable bikes?

    hey there. Is there anything you can get to be able to ride on the road that isnt a scooter? licencable mini choppers? minibike that are 50cc's doesnt matter if its china, give me some links people!
  7. mad man

    Engine takes 4evr to start and fuel comes out of carby

    sidney is spot on check them 2000th to 3000th intake and 3000 to 4000th ex
  8. mad man

    help with carby

    any who in terms you under stand, clean out your carby, clean the air filter and oil it correctly, check if it bogs still. Thats a starting point, after that lean it out a tad. Then go for the clip position or diff sized jetts, If it doesn't happen with the choke on i'd say you need to have the...
  9. mad man


    Try a motorcycle shop.
  10. mad man

    need new throttle

    Hey try a billet throttle, get a 1/4 turn
  11. mad man

    breaking my ankle!!

    Pre load the kick start so the gears are meshed so you don't dammage them, push it down untill you get to top dead centre, give it a quick kick and remove your foot.
  12. mad man

    Oil-less forks

    Hey man the valve at the bottom is for gas not air, You can get them re gassed and i think they also run oil. Might be worth getting new forks if there crappy and your guna do big jumps
  13. mad man

    Flat Seat

  14. mad man

    WIREING Diagram's FOR IRK's

    Say for example if you take the stator off and put the irk on will the wires just match up, is it very hard? or just common sence mine should be here in a few days hopefully.
  15. mad man

    does anyone knwo about moto apprentiships??

    You will have a three month probation period on your apprentiship, so if you don't like it you can pull out. You will also get $800 for tools, an insentive after your first 6 months, some payments for tafe, you can claim travel allowance, accomodation allowance to get to tafe. If you live away...
  16. mad man

    does anyone knwo about moto apprentiships??

    Hey man, what i would do is ring local motorcycle workshops through out your area, ask them if you can do work experance there for a week. At the end ask them if they would consider you as an apprentice. I'm on my first year at a chainsaw and motorcycle place doing small engine aprentiship, but...
  17. mad man

    MSO 140 SX Carby issues

    Hey guys, bit off topic but what would be a good carby upgrade for a 2007 motovert expert. Private message me if you can. john
  18. mad man

    Flat Seat

    looking good man, it will be pretty good looking when you have the seat cover on. If you're bord of the look i'd get some Pro taper bars, it will feel and look so much better john.
  19. mad man

    china bike 122cc dohc 4 valve project

  20. mad man

    Cant Start My Bike!

    That was a silly coment, ok are you sure it's not getting spark, earth it out on the head to see, start with the high tension lead and checking that it's connected properly, check wiring, get multi meter set it to omes and check through the wiring seing if you have any resistance or a closed...