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  1. GreefClothing

    GREEF - MINI X CUP 2016

    UPDATE: Dacebook event page is now live - Mini X Cup 2016 | Facebook Hey all, As some of you know, we have been planning a minicross event and we are getting closer to pulling it off! Just some minor paper work then we'll lock in the dates and start promoting. We have secured an amazing 20...
  2. GreefClothing


    Hey Miniriders! Hope you all have had a great Xmas and New years on your motos. We recently went for a surf check and decided to take the mini's for a strap through the headland trail, instead of walking hahahaha All the best for 2016! Keep posting all your great videos and pictures as much as...
  3. GreefClothing

    GPP MX Race Day Video

    Here is a short edit of our weekend at the annual GPP Motocross Race Day in Grafton! Big thanks to Rory Chapman for the amazing drone footage
  4. GreefClothing


    HIT YOUR OPTION IN THE POLL ABOVE Hey guys, We have some cool events in the works at the moment to help Sinister Fifty's, and Thumpstar build the mini moto racing scene back up! We are currently in talks with a facility on the Gold Coast and they have given us the go ahead on...
  5. GreefClothing

    Weekend riding

    How was everyone's weekend? Share some pics or videos if you got some riding in
  6. GreefClothing


    We went out and had a few beers and some mini moto sessions at a mates place just before his engagement party! Here's a short clip. See our full range of clothing and moto graphics kits here: Get your Thumpstar Mini Moto Today using codeword 'Greef' & you will receive a...
  7. GreefClothing


    GREEF MINI MOTO GRAPHICS KITS Get your Greef Mini Moto kits today! Only $129 + We will hook you up with a $100 Greef Pack if you share an image of your bike with our kit, on this thread! All kits are fully customisable to have your name, number and any other sponsors thanks to SK Designs...
  8. GreefClothing


    GREEF STORE WIDE DEAL - MINIRIDERS.COM ONLY Hey guys, Since we are so pumped on sponsoring such a great site for Mini Moto Riders, we have got a discount deal for all forum members to use when getting Greef gear straight from our online store... Simply put in MINIRIDER when...
  9. GreefClothing

    Gold Coast - Any places to ride ?

    Just wondering if there is any tracks to ride mini moto's? Keen as to get our Project Mini Bike out on a track
  10. GreefClothing

    Long Weekend!!!

    Always stoked on long weekends... Anyone getting any riding done? We'll be taking our Project Mini Bike Thumpstar back home to Grafton and find some riding spots in the bush and on the beach... Plus have a few beers after motos!
  11. GreefClothing

    Greef Thumpstar - Project Mini Bike

    We have teamed up with Thumpstar, MX Store, Sin Eyewear, Bolt Gear, SK Designs & Sinister Fifties to Greef out this Thumpstar TSX 88 with a custom kit from SK Designs Aus and race some events and do some testing! This bike comes straight out of the crate ready to race, with Pro Taper Bars (no...
  12. GreefClothing

    Labour Day Weekend 2014 - Beach, Beers & Fifties

    Labour Day weekend 2014, we decided to grab a few mates with fifties, find a random spot around Minnie Water, NSW and have weekend of just racing mates, drinking a few ales and hanging at the beach... Here's a little edit from the weekend. Anyone else have some footage from some backyard mini...