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  1. low_rb


    ITEM: PitsterPro LXR CONDITION: Good,Used REASON FOR SELLING: Lack of use PRICE AND CONDITIONS: 1150 EXTRA INFO: See below LOCATION: Gympie , QLD PICTURES: Selling the boys LXR, has maby done 2 hrs in the 18 months ive had it and alot of that was test...
  2. low_rb

    Motor options???

    Righto, i want to get my eldest boy back on the bike again as since i got him the LXR stepping up from the 110mx he pretty much refuses to ride it. the two points as to why are 1. gears but he got his head around it 2. The motor, the fmf exhaust was to loud but ive since put a stock one...
  3. low_rb

    Zongshen 190cc

    Hey, Does anyone know anything about the Zongshen 190cc?. Thinking of putting one in my LXR in place of the TB/Z155 thats in it. Mainly because its got a normal 1-N-2-3-4-5 and being able to setup an electric leg is also a bonus. Cheers
  4. low_rb


    ITEM AND CONDITION: FMF factory 4.1 exhaust, good condition recently repacked PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $250, postage is possible but could be expensive as the muffler and header are one piece REASON FOR SELLING: Got close neighbours and its on the loud side EXTRA INFO...
  5. low_rb

    Exhaust for 140cc

    Hey Guys Can someone give me a link or info as to what exhaust will fit this? Says BSE on the build plate. It was basicly given to a friend of my sons with no exhaust or rear guard and im going to get it going for them. Needs a bit of work outside the obvious but its all from sitting...
  6. low_rb

    Low_rb's Boy's LXR Build

    Thought i would start this now as we will be buying parts for it starting this week. Not going mental with it just a Strip, good clean and some new bits to make it his. Im giving him full control on what we do to it in the visual department and its going to be a red/black theme and hope it...
  7. low_rb

    PitsterPro LXR exhaust or FMF factory 4.1 silencer

    WANTED:Exhaust for Pitster Pro LXR or silencer for FMF Factory 4.1 CONDITION:Used/New PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Have FMF 4.1 for trade LOCATION: Gympie- SEQ EXTRA INFORMATION:Need to change to exhaust on my sons LXR, its way to loud so would like to trade for something else or will buy...
  8. low_rb

    PitsterPro XTR 150?

    Got my boys new bike today and ive got a couple questions as im not real uptodate with these things. Is it a XTR 150 as the pics ive found when googleing almost all bikes have a upright motor. How do i tell what the forks are as i cant find any markings on them at all, have comp and rebound...