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  1. K

    Just got a 1974 Suzuki RV125

    Wingspan99 would you have any spare parts you would like to part with looking for front guard and headlight glass/reflector Thanks
  2. K

    Just got a 1974 Suzuki RV125

    Hi wingspan99 if the oil pump is ok just check the oil line going to the base of the cylinder and make sure the oil gallery is flowing oil They are a reliable oiling system
  3. K

    Hello from Detroit

    Hey thanks this is the mud guard for the bike Suzuki RV125, if you can find one of these that would be awesome
  4. K

    Hello from Detroit

    Hi The top Thanks mate the top photo is the one Is this on an ebay site ...?
  5. K

    Hello from Detroit

    Hi dirt burd Is there anyone in your side of the world That does after market front fender for a 1977 Suzuki RV125 2 stroke Cant find one get so pissed Thanks for any info Kev ,Perth Western Australia
  6. K

    1977 Suzuki RV125 parts

    Wanted to buy 1977 Suzuki RV125 Front fender ,headlight lens/reflector Rear fender ,seat cover Thanks kevchev
  7. K

    Suzuki RV 125

    Hi members I sm restoring a 1977 Suzuki RV125 and are looking for parts eg: front fender ,rear fender ,headlightlens/reflector Thanks krvchev