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  1. J

    Introduce yourself :)

    thanks guys :) well the GPX motor is one of the best motors ive ever had in my bike its a lil weapon was riding a few mouths ago an there was this young kid on a yz125 so I thought id try keep up with him man I eat him alive then all day the dad kept asking me what bike is that an this an that...
  2. J

    so i miss the good old limmiterrrrr baaaassssssh :(

    so I my bikes are resting and im really starting to miss the good old limmmteeer bassssh :(
  3. J

    Tracks in Victoria

    hey guys I do the maintenance at Broadmeadows Motorcycle Park been doing it for about 2 years now :D
  4. J

    LADYLUK's Mini chopper Build

    im building a mini chopper going flat black everything leave the wheels silver and put white walls on it might even hit up some red pin striping get the rat rod look happing :D
  5. J

    wanted pit bike motor with loom 125,140,150

    hey guys im looking for a motor that still runs good comes with everything so I can put in my mini chopper thanksWANTED: CONDITION:good running order PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:no more then $150 LOCATION:reservoir vic EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: pm me
  6. J

    Introduce yourself :)

    About me: NAME: Justin(juzzy) AGE: 21 LOCATION: reservoir (VIC) BIKE: psto 125 (gpx 125 race motor ) crf450f motorvert 110 mini chopper :)) Job: spray painter Likes: cars,bikes,boosting around the city lol