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  1. Dirt Burd

    Not getting Gas

    Finally was ready to fire up the pit bike and it's not getting gas. Which line goes to wich? It that a primer or float bowl?
  2. Dirt Burd

    Srickers and Stubbys

    Do you guys ship to the US? I could use both. There's a couple Aussies on my F body Site if you don't, I could have them forward it to me. I'd do a sticker sheet and 2 stubbys, we call em Koozies over here, lol.
  3. Dirt Burd

    Happy Cinco De Mayo

    AngryJoe LIVE - CINCO DE MAYO! - YouTube
  4. Dirt Burd

    Why are the Small Mini Bikes always all butchered ?

    The first Auto Swap of the season was here today, I saw like 4 Minibikes, all stripped, molested, why do people do this crap? I can see a few parts broken or missing, but completely stripped, or apart? I just don't get it, like the one I'm working on, it was mostly there but just beat to crap...
  5. Dirt Burd

    Trip to Oz

    We went to the Outback last night , you boys ever hear if these restaurants? Lmao
  6. Dirt Burd

    Any F Body fans out there?

    My main hobby is Firebirds, I own and operate my own web site Forum for Firebirds/Camaros. Besides the 1978Trans Am I have I also have a Infiniti Q45, and a Chevy Avalanche. On the site we tech, buy sell trade parts, living in the Detroit area, Woodward Is just minutes away, the worlds...
  7. Dirt Burd

    Hello from Detroit

    Hello from Detroit, I was given, what I think is a Chinese mini Dirt bike it's in nice shape but the wiring is a mess, I'll post up,some pics tomorrow, I started going through the wire harness, there's a few things I don't know what they are. Hopefully someone get help me out, lol I'll post up...