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  1. McDo

    $2000 Limit - DHZ/PPRO/MOTOVERT

    Hey guys. So i have a $2000 limit to spend on any pit bike, add about $100 considering shipping, handling costs etc. I've read around, and had my eyes on the DHZ Outlaw 160cc. I'm 5"2, 53 kilos and my intent for this bike is to just thrash around the areas of South Morang (through the...
  2. McDo

    "The Decision"

    I really had my mind set on buying a DHZ , mid year or end of the year, but my mates at school, who know a lot about motorbikes, are telling me that they are pointless to buy? I need to know the details of what pit bikes really are, should i save up and buy a good Honda? Or should i spend my...
  3. McDo

    Few Questions

    Hey MiniRiders, since i'm new to pit bikes, i'd just like to ask a few questions; Which bikes are Chinese? Which bikes are Japanese? Where are PitsterPro's and DHZ's made? Obviously, just the popular brands (don't need to tell what you they are) Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
  4. McDo

    PitPro vs Braaap

    Hey everyone, i'm new here so i need quite a bit of help. My username is McDo, because that's McDonalds in French (i'm not french this is the first thing that came to my mind), but my real name is Daniel. I live in Melbourne, Australia if any of you were wondering. So, i'm 15 years old and...