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  1. china911

    daytona anima 190 upgrade kit to 212 cc

    Has anyone rebuilt their 190 to 212 cc ?? Is this kit worth the cost ??
  2. china911

    daytona anima 190 oil screen cover cap ..

    Been a while since a ride .. decides to give the oil a flush .. tried to remove the oil screen cap (sprocket side )and rounded it ... in the past I have always smeared some anti seize ,so surprised it weld it self .. any one had a similar experience .?
  3. china911

    Braaap ycf 190 rock infested track New project .. was out today cutting out the perimeter of a new track .. Heaps of rocks and hills . and have access to an excavator
  4. china911

    shopping for ycf 190 head stem bearings and elka shock lower bush

    l contacted a YCF dealer today and was quoted $50 for the head stem bearings and $8 for the rear bush ... l assume the head stem bearings are what's already there ,may be a generic china ?? Any decent links much appreciated ..
  5. china911

    came across this on my recent travels..

    Modelli Hot Bike Rosciano Moto -> Produzione e Vendita Pit Bike italiane Ricambi Pit bike Entra nel nostro negozio online Shop The translated version .. the 200r is also known as the Australia ... hot bike in the flesh .. thou 4000 euro ouch .
  6. china911

    mapping switch for daytona 150/190

    got around to installing a selectable timing switch .. there are 3 maps ..the last map was not possible as I would interfere with timing no 2 and no 3 ... the wiring splits up in the ignition box for timing no 4 ..probably best not to go there with no 4 as it may blow the engine.. l have not...
  7. china911

    braaap 190 v suzuki rmz 250

    Held the yellow canary off for a while , then he pooed on me
  8. china911

    buy or possibly swap 14/17 big wheel ..

    lm after a possibly swap /buy ... l want a 14/17 motorvert 160 swap for a 125 nitrous atomic 12/14 (never ridden) .. with cash balance ...
  9. china911

    braaap 160 to 190 14/17 outfit

    Got out today at my mates property and serviced 4 x 160 big wheel braaaps . In exchange for a slab a bike plus parts. So 5 hours later going over the bikes l squeezed in an hours riding .. l really enjoyed the 14/17 and yx 160 . One the blokes to sell his for pretty cheap with only 4...
  10. china911

    High temperature Daytona Anima 190 FDX

    Cut some serious laps today approximately 47 x 3.2 km per lap. with some mates on yz 125 crf 250 and yz 250f.. Ambient temp was no higher than 11degress in county Ballarat. The 190 s temp from morning ride was comfortably hovering around 86 -95 degrees . By about 2pm it was running at...
  11. china911

    inlet manifold gasket

    Any of you guys cutting your own paper gaskets. lm after a decent quality gasket paper for inlet manifold . Any good results with different papers and gauge thickness will help .
  12. china911

    braaap 190 greasy hill climb

    Mate of mine bought this property . checked it out on the weekend. heaps of single tracks full of moss and rocks.
  13. china911

    riding at Star Glen, Victoria

    Got out to Star glen lodge this weekend .. l have ridden the Strathbogie rangers a few times on big bikes. Thought l will try the braaap 190 out ..Fresh Michelins all round performed great thou this only lasted 20 minuets .It was bucketing down on arrival until dusk. The wet doesn't bother me...
  14. china911

    lcd temp guage daytona 190

    l found a new use for one of the most useless items I ve purchased on ebay ,, Screw off the (faulty ) temp probe and throw in rubbish . keep the anodised oil filler screw cap . It has an m10 thread . Buy lcd temp unit and temp sensor . c/w m 10 thread other sizes are available...
  15. china911

    daytona clutch basket teeth

    lm really disappointed . l dropped the oil on the 190 today , finding one of the clutch basket gear teeth in the sump. l only replaced it 12 hours of riding ... l always kick the engine over tdc and have not had a kick back since l installed it.
  16. china911

    braaap 190 rear shock play

    Im getting a bit annoyed with the shock mount to swing arm. Excessive play 2mm The bolt has been changed to a grease nipple bolt. l grease up before every ride , but slops up with in a few laps . l have checked bearings and washers with no corrosion evident. l have lived with this...
  17. china911

    Braaap new mini moto

    seems like the Braaap maybe a Braaap/ bucci . They said they were doing there own .. May be lm wrong.
  18. china911

    daytona anima ycYCF 190 running sweet

    l'm happy now . The bikes running pretty cool. l can only imagine how crazy it would ride if l were 50 kg ...
  19. china911

    ycf braaap 190 v yamaha yz 125 /scalvini pipe

    struggling a bit in the sand with 12/14 wheels set up . Didnt really get the bike running great with the new pipe . It was hot and dusty, bit to much for the yz in the end .
  20. china911

    daytona 190 valve clearance

    valves need adjusting on the 190 current inspection .0003 in -.004 ex what are you guys running .005 in - .007 ex or .005 in .005 ex ?