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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all that participate. I hope your travels are safe and not too stressful. And if you don't do Thanksgiving, that's fine, I hope you have a great Thursday.
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    2007 thumpstar back on a mini again

    That last photo really looks good. I bet you'll have lots of fun on it.
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    hello from snohomish, wa

    I'm not from your area but I have visited on during a sales meeting retreat. Went white water rafting and then down in the town. It's very charming. And you need to post some photos from your adventures around. Welcome to the forum.
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    Attachment file size has increased, and video file size also.

    The attachment file size has gone from 10240 kb to 20480kb. The video upload is now maximum file size of 51200kb. There is now an upload video button on the lower left next to the Attach Files button. You will upload your video and a thumbnail will show with the words Insert Video next...
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    this site is DEAD

    Maybe they did not have your answer. Have you tried another post that is just conversation and see if anyone will reply.
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    That is some good looking work.
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    That looks like a good place to ride.
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    Those look so good. Do you get good altitude when jumping them?
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    MY 50S

    Nice. I especially like that image with the ramp skeleton in the garage.
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    Mini Fmx Pics

    Yes, please. I enjoy seeing the images and love the high air. I'd love to share my enjoyment with more people.
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    How to Post Pictures on

    To post an image now, just use the Upload a File button under each post message area. OR just right click copy and paste into the message. That easy No need for any photo hosting that may change their rules.
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    official post pics of you riding thread

    Nice air in those jumps.
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    Mini Fmx Pics

    All of the those photos are amazing. What good riding talent and skill is being shown!
  14. A New Site Bugs and Errors

    We don't have the two connected as there were some security issues that are not being addressed on Tapatalk. But give the forum a try via mobile browser. This software was made to be VERY mobile browser friendly.
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    Tips, questions and answers about the new XenForo software.

    No problem at all. New software is like a new arrangement of furniture, or Walmart moving the products around so you cannot find them. I'm happy to help you.
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    Tips, questions and answers about the new XenForo software.

    Upper right hand corner where it says SEARCH. Be sure to check out advanced search that you can see. When you click on the search Be sure to click or clear the SEARCH THIS FORUM ONLY depending on what you are searching and where you want to search. Also the MORE brings up a more...
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    Chat box

    Thanks for letting me know about it. I'll investigate.
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    Chat box

    The chat box is not currently on the site. How many were using it daily? And there is a new Announcement and Support forum that will give you all the news.
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    Chat box Please read the two threads in that forum, and it will explain why the site looks different and what's happening. Can you tell me how many members you were chatting with in this Chat Box you mention.
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    Tips, questions and answers about the new XenForo software.

    One other important area of the web page for you to know and explore. The little person icon is what you click on to get to your User Control Panel. You will find updating email and password. Signature, Avatar and Alert preferences. Preferences is one of the choices all of you should take...