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  1. Chickenwingz

    Seized 155z

    Hi guys, I was taking my x4r around for a spin in the backyard today and while in second gear with the clutch in at about half throttle it died and made some wierd noise, I kicked it over gently just to feel what was going on and it went down 3 times without compression at all but made some...
  2. Chickenwingz

    Seized bolt in caliper

    Any ideas on how to take this out, I snapped a easy out in there trying to take it out, I've got it soaked in penetrating oil. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk
  3. Chickenwingz

    cr 125

    Picked up a 03 cr 125 with rec reg today :), i was wondering if you guys think i should freshen up the top end as i don't know how much hours it has done, also how can i lower it a bit without stuffing up the handling of the bike?
  4. Chickenwingz

    WTB: 155z gear box + shift drum

    WANTED: 155z gear box and shift drum CONDITION: not much wear PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: reasonable LOCATION: 3046 Victoria EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: miniriders PM
  5. Chickenwingz

    LIC ego camera

    Is this a good action camera for the money? ($140)
  6. Chickenwingz

    old 155z

    Is it worth chucking a V2 head on a old 155z? I am unsure if i should as it has no oil filter and a 5 plate clutch, will it be able to handle the power if i get a BBK later?
  7. Chickenwingz

    Vin check

    Hi, I might be going to pick up a kx 85 today, I am getting a crazy deal on it and fear it might be stolen,how can I check this?
  8. Chickenwingz

    Pitster pro X4R

    This is my pitsterpro X4R build thread, this is it when I first got it, I will put up more photos and mods list later.
  9. Chickenwingz

    Front brake

    How can I get this lever to fit?
  10. Chickenwingz

    bike hard to roll :(

    my bike is hard to roll with the clutch pulled in 1st gear, the bike also moves a bit by itself in 1st gear with the clutch in. I recently changed my clutch lever but i also adjusted it to pull in as much as it can so i don't think that is the problem.
  11. Chickenwingz

    ASV copies

    I recently purchase a set of ASV copy levers and the front brake lever is completely different from the one on my bike, is there a way to make it fit?
  12. Chickenwingz

    MV expert 125cc

    How much are these bikes worth used? is $250 a good deal?
  13. Chickenwingz


    I've been looking for a decent 125 2t and i've come across alot of ktm 125sx's which are fairly cheap compared to all the other 125 2ts i've seen. what are your thoughts on the ktm 2005 125sx?
  14. Chickenwingz

    Clutch problem

    I have just put my engine back together and the clutch pulls in with no resistance, how can i fix this?
  15. Chickenwingz

    Splitting the case

    Hi guys, I've dismantled the engine from the frame on my pitster pro x4r and was wondering where do i start off with splitting the case, i've got to install a new kick start shaft so help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Chickenwingz

    Kickstart shaft old 155z

    I was wondering if the kicker shafts in the old 155zs are the same as YX 140 ones as they're both 14mms, Thanks for any help. :)
  17. Chickenwingz

    155z starter shaft

    Hi guys, i was wondering where i can get a new starter shaft for my 155z (no oil filter version) engine, also what is involved in replacing the starter shaft? Does the YX 160 shaft fit in a 155z?
  18. Chickenwingz

    15mm Forged Kickstarter

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 15mm forged Kickstarter, brand new never been put on a bike. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $30 posted anywhere in AUS, pay by paypal. REASON FOR SELLING: Did not fit my bike, ended up ordering another one. EXTRA INFO: LOCATION AND CONTACT DETAILS...
  19. Chickenwingz

    Broken bearing?

    My rear wheel wiggles but the axle is perfect, could this be caused by the tyre not being put on properly or a busted bearing?
  20. Chickenwingz

    Lowering yz125

    I really want to buy a yz125 but being 5'5 i know i would need to have it lowered, what are the best methods of lowering and how much will it cost?