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  1. XXX-747

    Covid-19 and pitbikes

    Hey folks it’s jazz thought I’d take it upon myself to start a thread to keep everyone communicating together firstly want to say hello to all the miniriders here in oz and around the world and hoping everybody and your families are safe from this coronavirus As most people know this pandemic is...
  2. XXX-747

    Fifty of the month 2019?

    Come on guys let’s get this fotm goin again lets keep this site alive and kicking Post up your rides and give us a list of what you’ve done to it
  3. XXX-747

    Need help can’t decide lol

    Hey everyone who’s loving this cold weather? for the life of me I can’t decide which is the better option out of the 2 motors to go with for my pitster 110 so it’s between the yx150 or the yx160 (both klx style heads) yes the 150 has e start which doesn’t matter to me I will be using a v2 head I...
  4. XXX-747


    Hey guys wondering how many people have ported heads? I’ve been slowly learning how to do it myself so far so good I’m lucky to have a number of spare heads to practise on lol I’ve basically cleaned up the intake port But left them very rough so the fuel can atomize and have gone all out on...
  5. XXX-747

    Lifan 140 trouble

    Gday folks So I'm working on this Lifan 150 Well it's actually a 140 shifty people at tdr though they'd sell more if it say 150 or something hahah So I Found a complete junker the other week in a pile of rubish lol had flat tyres horrible amount of surface rust broken levers ripped seat...
  6. XXX-747

    Got another pitster :p

    Brought another pitster pro this is my new 110 it’s the mx110 ss (super sick) Got it coz I love 110’s and was cheap will do a review after I’ve rode it properly it’s just mostly to mob around ride with my lil cousins who have an abundance of 110’s lol I plan on keeping her stock for awhile but...
  7. XXX-747

    What’s your opinion?

    Ok guys I’m looking at graphics for my lxr Pretty set on going thru rival ink coz the current graphics where made by them And there super durable not too fused on the price as you get what you pay for The idea is to go snow camo with red or white tyres but seen a heap of pit bikes with...
  8. XXX-747

    Painting engine covers

    Question for anyone who has painted there engine covers Valve,clutch,cam or any other bike related bits What’s your method and how long has it lasted I’m contemplating weither or not to use vht and paint my front engine cover on the anima Just don’t want it to wash off lol but I could...
  9. XXX-747

    Hard kenda

    So I found my old red kenda front tyre I never used it but it’s rock hard wondering if it’s still ok to use there isn’t any cracks on it just really hard
  10. XXX-747

    My new lxr 190

    Picked up this gem today couldn’t help myself so happy with it basically my dream pit bike Greg at buzz bikes is such a good dude and knows his pit’s got a heap of spares aswell as the og plastics with nitro circus graphics and has 6 hours on it (so glad I don’t have to run it in hehe) changed...
  11. XXX-747

    Out of the box yx150 gpx 150 or 155z

    So iam doin a transplant on my dhz 125 and not sure which of the 3 to choose from i no these motors have been covered seperately on here and other mini pages but im in 2 minds about choosing between them im really looking for something to bolt on and rip with a tbolt bbk at some point my...
  12. XXX-747

    Finbro egines

    Hey guys been looking at the finbro motors obviously they are suited to groms but very keen to no if they would fit on a midsize pit Read mixed reviews on them but aside from the high price tags on them Being efi and the kits they have for them it would make for a very crazy pitbike Or are...
  13. XXX-747

    spare time

    ok guys its no suprise thats its summer and very hot atm so its abit hard to do alot of riding tell us what your doin in your spare time?
  14. XXX-747

    4 Stroke performance Exhaust Header pipes

    hey guys, i have some queries to know the benefits of a performance expansion chamber? my mates' dad build's race bikes for KTM, and all his bike have them but not really sure if there worth having on a four stroke ? or are they a big performance gain or just pointless? :confused-smiley-013
  15. XXX-747

    hey guys

    hey guys jazz here got my miniriders stickers decided to cover my fork guards and cover my rockstar logo and my helmet and a few other places :cool: kinda says miniriders energy drinks now lol could be the next thing nick hahaha oh and the engine is my old 140 my 160 is getting repaired
  16. XXX-747

    happy new year gang

    happy new year guys hope it bring everyone happiness peace and love lol and wealth :D stay safe and keep on riding see you all at the next ride day :banana:
  17. XXX-747

    Merry Xmas guys

    Merry Xmas guys hope you all had a great day/night :D
  18. XXX-747


    there I was booting along and mi chain broke spent the next 30 mins looking for all the pieces broke my chain guard and all was racing my cuz along this long straight and was slowing down next minute I couldn't feel it goin into gear then he starts screaming out ya chains come off fml then spent...
  19. XXX-747

    What are your Favourite Movies ?

    ok guys, pretty self explanatory whats your favourite movie or movies? mine are Zohan, the Home Alone series, Dumb and Dumber, and Team America :cool:
  20. XXX-747

    Best Worldwide Pit Bike parts store/website ?

    hey guys what are some of the best sites outside of oz to buy a lxr 190 from?