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    Anyone know where to buy a crf 70 style tank

    Hey Yall, trying to find a Plastic type CRF70 Style tank for my 2014 Apollo ADR Db99 125cc... the one i have is metal and is starting to leak so i want a plastic type.. but every tank i find here in the USA doesnt come with mounting thingys or just looks different from mine, my tank has a...
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    Anyone know where to get these parts??

    Hey yall, just wondering where i can find a few tiny parts i may need in the future.. Sorry no pics and havent an idea of what there called. but im looking the for rubber hole gasket type things you put into the rear number plates that push into the rear fender?? also looking to see where...
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    Help with pet**** tank mount

    got a 2014 apollo abg/adr not sure cause the manual thingy says ADR..anyways it looks like when i turn the pet**** to on (turn to ON for fuel) sometimes i lil will leak out as you can feel and smell it on your fingers.. or if you pull it out hard enough itll seep threw the switch you move to on...
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    Mikuni copy 22 26mm Carb help needed asap

    Hey yall.. need some info or advice/help on my mikuni vm26 copy carb, the float bowl gasket is shredded up and leaking at one side, when its on the bike and gas is flowing, so I put some dry weld silicone on it for now but I need to find out where I can buy these bowl gaskets?? ive no idea...
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    Manifold spinner, unsure of this thing lol

    hey yall i got this in the mail today its a 27dollar one but looks cheaper in my opinion lol someone give me a hand in how and where i put it, im not sure if i put this in the manifold/engine connection or the carb/maifold connection\...
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    Few issues i need a little help with

    Hey yall, got some new jets today, put them in after i rode my bike for a few hours just messing around as i was getting injections and all this other **** so i wasnt riding for awhile!!! anywho! lol.. i put the new jet in, the new jets are #20 the old ones are #15 look the same to me to be...
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    Valve adjustment on pit bike

    Anyone know what happened? bikes 3weeks old brand new.. done valve clearences tonight with all these 006 004 003 005 003 004 003 002 004 0025 and it wont fire up at all.. (apollo adr125).. anyone know what i could try? the bike was running fine before this too and i done a new oil change...
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    Throttle cable help

    Hey yall.. got a new 7Z RED CNC 7/8" THROTTLE CLAMP SDG SSR CRF70 KLX110 107 110 125 PIT BIKE CL05 and i tried to install it but it seems like my throttle cable is too small? the wire inside the rubbering throttle doesnt go around the throttle inside for me to close it up to twist.. i...
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    Much needed help with a carb mixture screw

    Hey yall, installed the Mikuni VM26 today on my 125cc Pitbike (apollo ADR) i currency got everything working alright i think just takes a bit to heat up.. wondering if anyone on here has the mikuni carb OR what there fuel/air mixture screw is set at? from tight in how many turns is yalls...
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    Anyone know where to buy crf70 plastics? USA

    Hey, anyone know where i could get some good cheap CRF70 plastics i need Red & white ones, like the new hondas.. red front read panels back and rear fender... trying to avoid ebay, so any parts stores online or anything sell them? let me know please!! thanks :p
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    Help with carb bars etc on Apollo pit

    Hey yall, ive been here for a few years, was done with pitbikes for awhile, now im in the USA visiting/living and i got myself a new Apollo ADG 125cc Pit bike CRF70 Sized frame, its brand new 2014..and yrs back when i had my old Monster moto i tuned the carb up with the whole mixture/idle screw...
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    Help with Apollo 125cc Pit bike

    Hey yall, new here, but i just got an Apollo 125cc pit bike today brand new from dealership, low balled the guy and got 100 off for it,.. i guess it wasnt cranked in awhile so it was hard to start but the dealer got it started and had a go and it was fairly hard to keep it idling.. so im asking...