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  1. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    Still looking. Forgot to have notifactions on so missed the set above. :( but thx for the link my67xr.
  2. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    Bump. S searching
  3. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    Bump. Still looking for a set
  4. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    Double dragon. Pretty much my fav arcade game ever. Except that gif is csptured from the nes version
  5. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    Thanks for your replies guys. But yeah, im after oem plastics with factory stickers. Hoping someone has a set sitting in their garage. Im already running a Fast50 flame kit, but id like to return the bike to a more original look. I wonder if you can buy them from a honda dealer? Probably...
  6. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    As title says, im after a complete set of stock crf50 plastics with the oem stickers. Not overly fussed on what year but must be in good clean condition, not too banged and scratched up. Must be complete set (front shrouds, number plate, front guard and rear tail) and must have STOCK honda...
  7. sly1300

    road reg???

    seriously too hard to get your pitbike legal on the road. couldnt begin to imagine the hassle regency and motor reg would give you even after you've spent megabucks to engineer everything. id imagine not much change out of 5-6 grand. buy a motovert rx50 or 125. all the engineering and rego...
  8. sly1300

    Whats me motovert rx worth?

    thread hi jack. :) mines for sale if anyones looking. cheap too. :) couple of rx125s on ebay going for around the 2500-2600 mark. and thats complete stockers. so id price yours accordingly (ie above :) )considering the $$$ and mods youve poured into it.
  9. sly1300

    GAME: get to 25 :)

  10. sly1300

    GAME: get to 25 :)

    2+1= Tree. :)
  11. sly1300

    CRF50 choke mod ??

    agreed, choke mod on stock 50 is useless. made NO peformance gains at all on my stocker. i wouyldnt bother with a cam in a stock 50 either. get a unifilter and decent pipe. then just go a 88kit once $$$ and time prevail
  12. sly1300

    Do i need to retune after fitting exhaust???

    no smoke from original. bit of smoke coming from one of the new mufflers. i wouldnt worry just yet mate, that would just be the muffler packing bedding in. fibreglass packing getting hot for the first time. all my new exhausts have done that on the first ride or two. and its probably only...
  13. sly1300

    How many KM's has your motovert RX done

    only need a car licence to ride 50cc or below in S.A :) mine is still regoed as a fifty. annoys the hell out of the cops when they realise im doing nothing wrong. :D
  14. sly1300

    Where To Buy Offset Feeler Gauges For Adjusting Valve Clearances (.003, .004)

    brians got throttle cables. but shop has been shut over xmas. not sure when it reopens. hope thump140 is wrong with the M.T.B off, rather him being on holidays than hospital. :( and just buy a ****ty supercheap set of feeler guages, chuck em in a vice and bend up all the tips only. easy as...
  15. sly1300

    How many KM's has your motovert RX done

    RX50 Motor - stocko yx160, mild manifold work. KM's - bout 500 on this motor. Exhaust - 32mm to custom muffler KM's per full tank - Around 80-100km depending on rider 's right wrist :P Top speed - little over 100, needs a gearing change badly. was screaming at 100+km/h Times been pulled...
  16. sly1300

    Motovert rx - urgent need a mirror!

    ^^^ yup. melty rear right numberplate. haha
  17. sly1300

    Motovert rx - urgent need a mirror!

    lol, mine were on e-gay.. to suit ducati.. little bit of fiddling to get them set-up. but bike looks way better with them. still nearly as useless as the stock mirrors, i prefer to turn my head and look, only ever use mirrors to see if the cops do a u-turn as i go past them.. haha
  18. sly1300

    Motovert RX

    thx. now just gotta find a DECENT price on them.. fark they're dear. but they look like they'd grip like a mofo. :)
  19. sly1300

    Motovert rx

    stock 50 = death. 140/150/160 = bliss. ive got a stock rx50 engine here if anyone wants it? lol
  20. sly1300

    Motovert rx - urgent need a mirror!

    ^^^^ pretty cool looking mirrors. ive just put some bar-end mirrors on mine.