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    Oils ain't Oils

    Guys and Girls I have been doing a little research and talking to a few experts in the oil world and have found that this oil is a great oil to run our pitbikes on. If your engine is brand new or you have just done a rebuild and or swaped out the head etc etc... its Penrite running in...
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    Oil coming out of the crank case breather hose???

    Oil coming out of the crank case breather hose??? Is this because there is to much oil?
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    How much oil? Lifan 150

    Team, I have a lifan 150 and they have an oil window like the Daytona 150 My question is how much oil is there meant to be in it? reason i ask is that some web sites say 1100ml and if i put that much in it will be way past the line on the window... I have a road bike that i service...
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    Guys, I'm after a little help with an electrical issue... with the Regulator/Rectifier I have a new Lifan 150 with the single yellow wire i have ran the yellow wire to a Regulator/Rectifier following the diags on here and with what came with the engine. The problem is that i'm not...
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    Please point me in the right direction

    Hi guys Just looking for a little assistance with my carby settings. I have purchased the Lifan 150 and i have a oko 26mm flat slide and now looking for a ball park jet setting for this combo The carb is currently jetted to slow 36 and main 96 .... after looking in the forum of carby...
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    what the difference between the following

    Guys, what the difference between the following Lifan 150 1P56YMJ and the Lifan 150 1P56FMJ thanks
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    which is the better engine?

    Hi team, hoping that you will all point me in the right direction to assist in making the right desicion. So here is the question which is the best of these engines and why? Lifan 140cc or the XY 140 Lifan 150cc or the XY 150 I look forward to all the responses. Cheers zc
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    140xr Pitpro Topend loosing power

    Hi guys, Looking for a little help i have a Pitpro 140xr with the fake 30mm Mikuni carby i have 105 main jet and 20 pilot jet and every thing else is stock... The bike goes well but at top speed it seems to pop and brake up any ideas what this could be do they have a rev limiter...