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    The 2009 Miniriders Video Competition. . . . Closed

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    Uncle Thump's "Desert-mini" Build... :D

    thats bike is so crap mate

    Miniriders Best 250 Thread!!

    i voted for hillz, coz he wouldn't stop touching me if i didnt

    GAME: get to 25 :)


    Now What? Honda boys lol

    i heard Hillz was the star at this years Gay & lezo mardi ..... he was the guy with his arse hanging out.

    GAME: get to 25 :)

    One ...................................

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    dosent know i'am permently disfigured due to a china bike savage attack

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    likes to ride china bikes

    New member into stunting! please advise

    i wana see so pics of this thing in action!!! :D
  10. +CRF50STUNTER+

    SO you think you can GOON!!!!

    Wheres my car!
  11. +CRF50STUNTER+

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    SHow me your tits!!!!
  12. +CRF50STUNTER+

    General Chat ~OFF TOPIC~

    its a known fact i heard
  13. +CRF50STUNTER+

    My Mini wheelie...

    it's tru Hillz, that was weak..... i've seen you go way longer :D
  14. +CRF50STUNTER+

    Hillz or miniriders?

    Dam you had my hopes up!!! i thought we wre guna turn this place into a Stunt forum... lol
  15. +CRF50STUNTER+

    Febuary 50 Of The Month! ^^ Vote Here ^^

    Nah nah not likely i'm guna go burn it..... :D
  16. +CRF50STUNTER+

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    should step back..... hillz has hooked up with the AOD 21C AFT CWP VB Krew you don't want to get murdered lol
  17. +CRF50STUNTER+

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    Covers me in dust when we go riding......
  18. +CRF50STUNTER+

    ^^^^ Say something about the person above ^^^^

    big pitpro buster...
  19. +CRF50STUNTER+

    what other hobby's (money vacuums) do you guys have besides Bikes?

    I burn things........ & Franky is my b!tch