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  1. my67xr

    Adelaide, Sa, Riding Areas

    We used to spend the day riding here 30 year's ago near the red dot, behind the old dump There was no road there or houses's for a fair distance Google Maps
  2. my67xr

    Gpx 125cc problems

    Maybe talk to TBolt about this top end for your's GPX & YX 140cc Top End KIT - WHS-1353 - GPX YX 124 & 140 Parts and Kits - Pit Bike Engine Parts - TBolt USA, LLC Or this will take it out to a 146cc TB 146cc Bore kit and YX 140 Big Valve Head Kit - TBW9066-0492 - GPX YX 124 & 140 Parts and Kits...
  3. my67xr

    PW50 will not start properly or idle after servicing.

    Sound's like the needle and seat in the carby has dirt in it, and is sticking open or that the float tab has been bent and the float level is now too high The spark should be short, the gap from the centre electrode to the earth electrode/strap should be .6mm to .7mm max Blue is a good spark...
  4. my67xr

    Mini ATV Need help with wiring

    Welcome to Minirider's I can't see the other side of the engine, but i'm guessing it has electric start ? Are you wanting to run light's on it ? If it still has a pull starter you can wire them up pretty easy. Is there 1 wire coming out from behind the pull start area ?
  5. my67xr

    Happy Birthday thread !!

    Thank's guy's Just got home from a Chinese dinner with the family, i'm so full i can hardly sit down, lol
  6. my67xr

    What sticker kit will fit???

    Welcome to Minirider's Drop in here an introduce yourself I am guessing here but i think the CRF230L 2008 decal kit might fit ? The rear side number plate's look a bit longer at the front but the rear section look pretty close
  7. my67xr

    small washer and spring pz26 carb

    Does the washer and spring go on the mixture screw ?
  8. my67xr

    Wr450f vs crf250

    I'm wondering if that CRF250 might have been thrashed being that it's only a 250cc ? You might soon get sick of it and want something bigger, you have to ride the 250 a fair bit harder to get the same sort of performance as your 450 Power wise the 250 should have enough power to do anything you...
  9. my67xr

    Random Radness... post here

    Latest Facebook selfie ?
  10. my67xr

    Music Video Thread

    There are so many cover's to this one- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hekhwWGdzys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF9Gr5waAJg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CPHnZV0K-k
  11. my67xr

    Gpx 125cc problems

    The head will need to come off to have the spark plug thread repaired, either a Helicoil, or a Threadsert will fix the threads
  12. my67xr

    Gpx 125cc problems

    Welcome to Minirider's, the engine may have been over filled with oil. Or maybe it has worn ring's and piston I would drain the oil out of the engine and measure how much was in there, post up how many ml's you got out of it
  13. my67xr

    Random Radness... post here

  14. my67xr

    dont know what carby to use

    Been doing a bit of thread mining ? Lol, just stirring, but this thread is 6 year's old now
  15. my67xr

    Throttle stuck open?

    Have you tried turning the idle speed screw back out to drop the idle ? Are you sure the throttle cable isn't kinked, or jammed between the number plate and frame, or tank etc ? What about the cable, is it seated properly into the throttle at the top, and into the top of the carby ? The idle...
  16. my67xr

    Thats some funny sh!t. . . .Not safe to view at work AKA Green shirt girl thread

    A clip from the new Sacha Cohen movie coming out soon 'The Brother's Grimsby' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8dodn_5dNY
  17. my67xr

    Burning smell and smoke when cold start?

    White smoke is usually only from water (steam) Does it happen first start after you've washed the bike ? Might be getting some water in the air filter, or possibly condensation evaporating out your exhaust ?
  18. my67xr

    No spark on Atomik 250 2 cylinder

    Same question as i asked before- How many Ohm's is the other quads' stator putting out ? (red w/black and earth ?) It doesn't matter how many volt's it's putting out unless you are having problem's charging the battery Can you post up a pic of the stator and one of the cdi showing the...
  19. my67xr

    Throttle stuck open?

    Yeah i agree with cordog's, sound's like the slide is in the carby 180° out There is a half moon shape on the bottom of the slide, it should face the air filter. Undo the top of the carby and lift the slide out, turn it so it face's the other way and put it back together. Should look something...
  20. my67xr

    No spark on Atomik 250 2 cylinder

    Does it run a 3 phase stator ? eg 3x yellow wire's If has a 3 phase stator then 38 volt's is a bit low but that is mainly for recharging the battery etc How many Ohm's is the other quads' stator putting out ? (red w/black and earth ?)