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  1. foolsp33d

    need EVERYONE to watch this.

    Its just over 3. minutes in length.. but please watch till the end.
  2. foolsp33d

    Anyone into shoes?!

    Got a nice set of kicks? Done something funky with ya laces? Got more pairs than you could ever wear in a week!? be interesting to see if there is others out there with a bit of a collection.. prefered brands/styles etc... Post them up..
  3. foolsp33d

    Nucking Futs Still shot video
  4. foolsp33d

    Z50 Engines.. What are they worth?!

    Got a couple.. Would classify them as 'not running' both turn over so are not seized, one is from a Z50J(the yella bike) the other a Z50R. Both are genuine Honda. Both as far as im aware are unmolestered ie: original bore and stroke. NO ENGINE WORK THAT I KNOW OF. Would classify them as...
  5. foolsp33d

    2 bikes, 2grand. 2 good 2 pass up!

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: XR50 2002 $1000 with T4 exhaust. Z50 copy $1000 with extra Genuine Z50R rims. PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: as is cash on pick up Interstate buyers are to arrange courier and payment in FULL prior to p/up. Bikes WILL NOT be released untill funds are...
  6. foolsp33d

    Fools Fiddy

    Picked up a relatively clean little stocker with sticker kit and aftermarket bars.. Gotta rebuild the forks.. (going to go Delrin guides and HD springs) but otherwise, starts first kick, and scoots along nicely.. Seen a pro circuit T-4, header and muffler, for a good price.. so I snapped...
  7. foolsp33d

    Toolbox's Post em up!!

    Calling all you serious (and not so serious) spanner spinners.. Lets see your pride and joy. What you gotta do is... -Post up a DECENT pic of your toolbox.. -Include any brands and such you stick to, or refuse to purchase. -Include (if you wish) your favorite tool/s of choice. -If you...
  8. foolsp33d

    Z50J look alike. Includes Z50R resto project.

    Id firstly like to stress that I am NOT hard up to sell, and I AM negotiable on my price and what is included. Item: Z50J look alike. (china replica) 50cc centrifugal clutch. Fold down handlebars, Will fit in the boot of a car or inside a hatchback easily. Included for the asking price is an...
  9. foolsp33d

    SP TOOLS, Roller box PN:SP40204

    SP TOOLS, Roller box PN:SP40204 PRICE DROP! Item: SP tools roller box.(LOWER ONLY) PN: SP40204 Condition: USED, but in AS NEW condition and is under 6 months old. Info: All draws work perfectly,all draws include 'locks' so they don't open while moving. both brakes/wheel locks work. there...
  10. foolsp33d

    Air Mail!

    Air Mail.m4v - YouTube Damn Crazy posties!! I wonder what happened once he got back to the depot!!?!
  11. foolsp33d

    USA Trucks. The Big, The Bad and the Ugly..

    So we have a few American and Canadian members now.. Would be great to see some of the trucks/cars etc from the other side.. Im employed by an American Car Importer and work in part with the conversion process.. Dealing mainly with Chev pickups(2500/3500/duallys and the likes of Hummers...
  12. foolsp33d

    Your opinions are asked for..

    Seeing as this section is for our dedicated and long term members, im wondering if you wouldn't mind share some onions and thoughts about miniriders.. Things like: -how you found out about the site -What you recall the site to be in the early days including members and bikes of the time. -How...
  13. foolsp33d

    Learn to Count with Pictures!-game-

    ok so here is our newest posting game.. The idea here is to continue suite.. you are NOT aloud to post within 3 posts of your previous post.. the same page, ALL posts are to comply and you MUST follow the sequence, no skipping numbers. To play you need to submit edit: see underlined rule...
  14. foolsp33d

    bearing puller.. NOT mini related!

    looking at coolie here.. but if anyone else can suggest a place or has the equipment.. gimme a yell... Need to get both the bearings removed from this. they need to be pulled out from the side shown, as tapping them from the opposite side will result in the centers being punched out leaving...
  15. foolsp33d


    Stolen from David Low Way Pacific Paradise between 5.30pm 16-07-10 and 9am 17-07-10 CT110 Honda. Rego: 020-DK VIN:JH2JD01U1XK410905 Eng:JD01E2510910 REWARD OFFERED FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO ITS RETURN. *THIS IS NOT MY BIKE- THIS HAS BEEN POSTED FOR A FRIEND IN QLD. COME ON...
  16. foolsp33d

    Melb. Miniriders dinner/drinks. 18+ sorry

    just thinking aloud, but if your a Melbourne Mini-Rider.. would you be keen on a night on the town, paint balling, drinks, dinner etc, kinda a big social get together without the bikes.. would like to keep it 18+ just for ease of organization at this stage but if successful would organize...
  17. foolsp33d

    Anyone Around Mornington Pen. Vic.

    If you are can you PM me please.. Heading back to Melbourne for a wedding this weekend and rather than towing the trailer and wasting valuable fuel... hoping can chain it up securely at a fellow 'riders' place. Hit me back with a PM if you can help out. Will ONLY be for THIS weekend...
  18. foolsp33d

    Hey ando...

    You have PM :D My inbox was full.. just a heads up incase yours is to ;)
  19. foolsp33d

    Anyone else into the 7orrents?

    HIGHLY reccomend getting ''moto-the movie'' **quick SNAP** feel free to list em here if you got em. if your not a demonoid user.. pm me your email and will send an invite... chasing any other decent moto movies to.. *I'd also recommend 'Love the beast' for those into racing(car)
  20. foolsp33d

    The USoA members Thread.

    G'day boyz! Well we got a few of you on the forum now so figured you would like a place to gather and discuss any topics as required. Will leave it upto the ADMINto formally decide but I reckon a subforum in the mini chat for USA might be viable. Untill then, consider this to be a 'home...