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  1. mjc85

    KLZ110 4th gear and manuel clutch help

    I have a Hydro clutch for the KLX110 that I may want to sell, but I would want all the parts from your auto in the deal. I want to go back to auto, the bike was semi-auto when I bought it which means it had the clutch kit but you could still use the bike as an auto. It is a Magura Hydro kit...
  2. mjc85

    Broken bars :(

    Get Pro Taper SE XR50 bars
  3. mjc85

    Anyone keen for a BDV ride first week on Jan?

    Would be good to organise another ride at BDV for the start of January, hopefully there is some better weather.
  4. mjc85

    BlackduckValley Ride 8th Dec

    Glad I didn't go, would take more time to clean that bike than time you had actually riding.
  5. mjc85

    BlackduckValley Ride 8th Dec

    Hmm that sucks, I think we might pull the pin then. Edit: Mini Mullisha, Lekitsurfeur and myself aren't going, Bretto (mini) rang them just before and the lady said it has bucketed there all morning and not to bother coming, Brett said last time he was there and it was muddy there was 4wds...
  6. mjc85

    Follsp33d gets away on his pushy!!!

    Lol dunno if you guys are joking or just dumb, but that is fake!!!!!!
  7. mjc85

    BlackduckValley Ride 8th Dec

    So who is going now? if anyone?
  8. mjc85

    Fresh paint on TLD helmet...

    Yeh I would give credit, its an awesome design but it looks to much like a photoshopped picture to me, the way the background is and the reflection.
  9. mjc85

    Fresh paint on TLD helmet...

    looks photoshopped
  10. mjc85


    What you mean by "twisties are the go" bretto?
  11. mjc85

    KLX 125 Mods

    oh ok you'll struggle to find aftermarket parts for this bike, this bike isnt really considered a mini, but google and see what you can find.
  12. mjc85

    KLX 125 Mods

    What is a KLX125? I have only heard of a Kawasaki KLX110? Is it some chinese imitation?
  13. mjc85

    my 110 pics!

    Klx110 and DRZ110 have a unique fork only found on them, KX60 (8inch travel) forks are an upgrade and fit in the stock clamps. KX65 forks even better but you need to spend $300 on lower clamps to accommoadate them. And yes upto 2006 klx110 and drz110 are identical bikes just different...
  14. mjc85

    CRF50 Bent Manifold?

    No you don't need it catching the wind, it won't improve performance. Just buy the standard size most shops carry. On my KLX's 18mm carb I have a filter on that also suits the Mikuni VM26 (26mm) carb. Most shops will hold the size you need, just take the carb in and try one on.
  15. mjc85

    PHATTEST 50 ever

    Hmm I wonder how he pulls in the clutch and changes gears when you need left hand for both? Unless that is a rear brake on the handlebars?
  16. mjc85

    yamaha ttr 90e

    Yeh that is a awesome buy, will be better than any $3000 chinas.
  17. mjc85

    how do u make a 4 stroke quiet

    Get a stock CRF50 pipe, will lose power but be super quiet.
  18. mjc85

    CRF50 Bent Manifold?

    Nah no change in jets, you can adjust the needle in the carb (I'm not sure if the stock crf carb has adjustable needle though). If you remove the airbox I'm sure you could fit a uni, a uni is smaller than an airbox
  19. mjc85

    Klx 110 vs pitpro = ultimate showdown :D

    Your a bit of a pole smoker mate, If you look back carefully through this thread and read my posts, I have only turned into an ogre as people have stirred shit. If I spend $3k on my bike then good, I ride a better bike that you and thats my problem not yours.
  20. mjc85

    Klx 110 vs pitpro = ultimate showdown :D

    Ok you are a tuff internet thug, you weren't involved in this. I didn't start posting in this thread to start a war with you chinese coke can riding fuckheads, I was just answering original posters questions, so how about you get off your fucking high horse.