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  1. Phil67

    Braaap - 201cc

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Braaap Classic - 201cc PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1000 for Miniriders members, cash on pick up REASON FOR SELLING: Retiring EXTRA INFO: Braaap Classic 201cc - YX160 Crank, 67mm barrel and piston Manual Decomp lever Brand new 67mm barrel and...
  2. Phil67

    Lost my job

    Lost my job yesterday, kind of a good thing as the place was becoming toxic. I've been in the manufacturing game for over 25 years now all over the world, i want to try something different. What do you guys do and more importantly do you enjoy it?
  3. Phil67

    Found this bike, looks good

    125cc Dirt Bikes For Sale | 125cc Pit Bike Might have to wander down and check them out
  4. Phil67

    CR 80 forks

    Who has done it and how do I do it? What year forks? What is the triple mod needed? Wheel, axle etc? All I hear around is you have to cut 2 inches out of them and mod the triple tree.
  5. Phil67

    Oil diagnostics

    I go though oil like the local fish and chip shop, I reckon I have about 30 used 1 litre bottles in my garage. I'm always searching for what oil works best for me. Anyway, on the Ford Forum I saw a post from an oil company that they can drop engine temps by 30% on Harleys so I emailed him to...
  6. Phil67

    Ford DL LTD

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Wrecking PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: Price dependant on parts you need. Payment is cash, bank transfer REASON FOR SELLING: Wrecking the car to finance motorbike EXTRA INFO: Upgrade your EF/EL falcon, NF/NL fairlane to some LTD goodies. 5lt V8 engine, good...
  7. Phil67

    Can't post new thread in General Classifieds

    As the title suggests, there is no post new thread button in general classifieds
  8. Phil67

    Round 2 - tooradin

    It's round 2 of the series, this time at Tooradin, same as last year. This will be an mx track, good to open the throttle. Let's see who can knock me outta 1st this round! No license, $35 entry, anyone can race. March 2nd, book it in.
  9. Phil67

    WTB: 26mm OKO carby or similar

    WANTED: 26mm OKO CONDITION: VGC PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $50? LOCATION: Frankston EXTRA INFORMATION: With UNI filter if possible. Main jet upto 115? CONTACT: Phil on MR
  10. Phil67

    67mm kit

    Ok, had my cases bored, got all new parts and reassembled the engine. Had the head ported and chamber polished etc, port matched the manifold all good to go. Got a new shift drum and forks cause the ones that came out had a fair bit of wear. Engine went together really easy, they really are...
  11. Phil67

    Top Line seat

    New seat. Top Line Seat II by Phil6772, on Flickr Top Line Seat by Phil6772, on Flickr
  12. Phil67

    RDMC arena cross series - thumpstar/pit bike

    This might be interesting Thumpster & Pit Bike AX Championship 2013. Hi all we have planned to run three rounds of arena cross this year the purpose of this is the cater for non Motorcross bikes such as Div 1 and pit/thumpsters up to 110cc and over 110cc 4 st open framed lay down engines...
  13. Phil67

    Engine size calculator

    Interesting website on calculating engine size This is the maths ((Bore X Bore) / 4) X pi X Stroke X Cylinders For example, a z160ho is 60bore x 55 stroke = 155cc A YX 150 is 149 An Anima 190 = 187 A 160 with TB 64mm piston is = 177 A 150 with TB 64mm piston is = 170...
  14. Phil67

    Tooradin race April 6th

    Anyone racing the Tooradin race on April 6th? 5 moto's - 6 laps per moto, should be brutal. Good practice before VCM that month too. First race in my life, would love as many bikes to come as possible.
  15. Phil67

    I'm shattered

    Latest Reputation Received (-22 point(s) total) 18-01-2013 11:17 PM Thread: OKO 30mm flateside your comments are getting worse. You have no logical input hahahahaha
  16. Phil67

    What do you wear under your riding dacks?

    Not being personal, just wondering if anyone wear those gay shorts under their pants? Are they good? Cause my monkey butt is starting to annoy me. EVS, Fox??
  17. Phil67

    YX 150 rebuild with TB piston - now smokey

    Yep, brand new clutch, TB piston, shift fork, kick start gears and put all back together fired it up, smokeyyyyyy as hell. Rings are in the right way, derrrr, and gaps are not inline, cylinder honed nice. The engine itself is roughly 5 hours old before new piston etc was put in, can't possibly...
  18. Phil67

    Are you a sitter or a stander?

    For the life of me I just can't stand before a jump, feels really awkward. I do stand under hard braking into a corner though. I used to sit on some jumps on my CR 250 too, you know, when I did crazy whips in front of the pit babes!! I'm 6''1"do ya reckon that's why I feel dumb standing? After I...
  19. Phil67

    Frankston this weekend?

    Anyone, anyone?
  20. Phil67

    YX 150 cracked clutch cover

    Noticed slight oil leak over the last few oil changes, decided to take the clutch cover off today, WOW, something has been spinning around in there that shouldn't be, hahah. The clutch basket is almost destroyed, s'pose I'm a tad harsh on the poor thing anyway. Long story short, do I metal bond...