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  1. MitchAustralia

    GoPro | Impreza RS | CRF150RB | CRF250R

    Hey guys, I've got another video for you, this time I tried out the suction cup mount on the passenger door of my car. I think it worked well, and it got some good footage, but unfortunately the battery ran out half way through the drive. My bad! So I decided I would fill the rest of the...
  2. MitchAustralia

    GoPro Handlebar Mount | Motocross Track

    Hey guys, Thought I'd share with you one of my most recent clips. My mate, Aaron Keen, was keen to test out the GoPro on his bike, so we hooked it up using the handlebar mount. It gives a nice view, but does vibrate a fair bit. Hope you enjoy (: <iframe width="640" height="360"...
  3. MitchAustralia

    GoPro Handlebar Mount | Enduro Track

    Hey guys, Thought I'd share with you one of my most recent clips. My mate, Aaron Keen, was keen to test out the GoPro on his bike, so we hooked it up using the handlebar mount. It gives a nice view, but does vibrate a fair bit. Hope you enjoy (: <iframe width="640" height="360"...
  4. MitchAustralia

    Lyric Videos - 360

    Hey guys, Havn't been on this awesome forum in a while, caught up with school and other ****. Not sure if anyone else is into him but the upcoming rapper from Melbourne, 360, is DOPE! Here are a few videos I have made from his latest album "Falling and Flying". Check out the rest on the channel...
  5. MitchAustralia

    Aussie Music Lyrics Channel

    Hey guys, I've made a new channel dedicated to on-screen lyric videos for Australian music. I'm not sure how it's going to go, but I just had an urge to do something with all this spare time in the holidays. Check it out and I would love to take song suggestions, remember though, Aussie only...
  6. MitchAustralia

    MX vs ATV: Alive

    Hey guys, I bought the new game from THQ, MX vs ATV Alive on Saturday because ive been excited for it for ages. This game is an extremely different concept compared to Reflex or other past installments, in regards to its price and DLC (downloadable content) I bought the game for $57 which is...
  7. MitchAustralia

    GoPro Highlights - CRF150RB

    Hey guys, This is my latest video I made which is a compilation of footage already recorded. There is some footage you have already seen so sorry about that, I just felt like making a video but couldnt go out and record :) Hope you enjoy! <iframe width="640" height="510"...
  8. MitchAustralia

    CRF150RB Walkaround and Startup - New YouTube Intro

    Hey guys, I originally wasn't going to make a thread about it but i've got a few things to post so I though I may aswell :) So I made a quick video of a walkaround and startup of my 2009 CRF150RB, just cause its the thing to do on YouTube ;) YouTube - ‪CRF150RB - Walkaround + Startup‬&rlm; I...
  9. MitchAustralia

    Xbox Live Gamertags

    Hey guys, This thread is dedicated purely to people posting their Xbox Live Gamertags. I realise there are other threads which have people posting theirs but this will make it more organised. Mine is Turkey Piston Weird I know :) im keen to play some Reflex with you guys so hoping this...
  10. MitchAustralia

    All Wheel Drive Motorcycles

    Hey guys, You may or may not be aware of this but "two-wheel-drive production dirt bikes look set to become a reality". I was reading through Issue 380 of the Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine and they had a small article on this. The company is called Christini, and they can convert the...
  11. MitchAustralia

    Short Motorbike Film - CRF150RB

    Hey guys, This is my latest video made using my GoPro HD Hero. It was filmed at my mates farm in Goolwa. Sorry that I overworked the editing but I was trying to experiment a bit :) Please subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos like these. Cheers, Mitch. <iframe title="YouTube video...
  12. MitchAustralia

    SA Large Areas to Free Ride

    Hey guys, I'm aware that there are many threads about track locations but I was hoping to find some large areas to free ride around and go explore so unfamiliar areas. I'm not sure whether you need a rec. license and whether reserves or national parks allow this? Is it still legal to ride in...
  13. MitchAustralia

    Yoshimura vs Pro Circuit vs FMF

    Hi guys, Planning on getting a new pipe soon for my 2009 CRF150R, and fairly certain I want an entire system, not just a slip on. Main reason for that is the performance increase ive heard is "very different between full system and slip on". I am considering three popular brands of pipes, those...
  14. MitchAustralia

    Crash Compilation - CRF150R + CR85R

    Hey guys, This is a short video of some crashes we had on the weekend, pretty funny. Still another day of riding to come so there might be some more there, but I doubt it ;) Hope you enjoy! <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390"...
  15. MitchAustralia

    Damaged Radiator - Need Help!

    I just went to clean out all the grass form under my radiator guards and discovered that my left radiator is bent in quite a bit :( Heres some pictures: What do you think I should do? Is the damage not bad enough that I could just leave it? Or should I go and spend $100 ++ and...
  16. MitchAustralia

    Tea Tree Gully Motocross Track

    Hey guys, I have yet another video to share with everyone :) This is my first time at a proper motocross club track so I was very intimidated at the start, but then my mate and I got put in the Junior class and we had a ball! It's at Tea Tree Gullly Motocross Club and its an awesome track...
  17. MitchAustralia

    Helmet Cam Farm Footage

    Hey guys, This is some footage I recorded over a few days at my mates farm in Goolwa, South Australia. It was recorded with the GoPro HD Hero Helmet Camera in 960p. Hope you enjoy :) Part 1 <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  18. MitchAustralia

    CRF150R - Fitting A Seat Cover?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a new seat purely to change the colour of it, because theres just too much red, haha. I realise that if i'm only changing it for the looks, then I may aswell get a seat cover to save some moolah, but according to my mate they are impossible to fit to the foam...
  19. MitchAustralia

    New Helmet Cam Video!

    Hey guys, I got a GoPro HD Hero for Christmas and I put together a video the other day. Check it out below :) <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  20. MitchAustralia

    Summer Riding vs Winter Riding

    Hey guys + girls, Title says it all, so whats your opinion? Personally, I'm torn because I love the sliding around in winter and staying nice and cool and muddy. But summer you get a lot more grip and speeeed :) Hate those hot sticky days though! Share your thoughts on this :D